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Show Interest, Don't Chase...

What I’ve chosen to write about today, many of you struggle in this area… You go on a date, enjoy the encounter, but someway somehow you screw things up… The date ended well and you left with hopes of her/him contacting you soon, but as time passes without hearing from them, you begin to panic…. 161 more words


Women Are Abusers Too...


Sadly to say, there are some women who aren’t satisfied unless there’s an argument, drama, confusion, or unless their man is all bent out of shape…  “Drama” has become their permanent address, the place in which they mentally reside and when a sign of “peace” is on the arisen, they do something to screw it up…   These women are incapable of being content with happiness and peace, therefore they push buttons to bring madness into their lives… 162 more words