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John Paul Stevens Is Right

John Paul Stevens Is Right

Dear Readers:

Since Matters of Conscience has just a handful of readers, I probably won’t create much fuss over a controversial issue about which I’ve decided to take what many will regard as an extreme position.  670 more words


Kamala Harris: Kill Trump! Yuk, Yuk, Yuk!

It’s not incitement to murder when progressives do it…

Imagine, gentle readers, you are the former attorney general of California, for the moment, America’s most populous state, the former chief law enforcement officer of that state. 795 more words


John Paul Stevens And The Vermont Legislature Just Became The NRA's Next Biggest Membership Drive Boosters Since David Hogg

If you are a supporter of the Second Amendment and believe in the right to bear arms is a constitutional right for everyone, then this week has been very busy and quite frankly – scary.  747 more words

Political Commentary


John Paul Stevens, a Justice of some repute,
Wrote something the NRA’s sure to refute.
“Repeal the Second Amendment” he announced;
A position on which the gun owners will pounce. 162 more words

John Paul Stevens: Repeal!

In February of 2013, I wrote The Courts Won’t Let Government Destroy The Second Amendment…Right? in response to the assertion of two high-powered Washington DC attorneys asserting that the courts would absolutely defend the Constitution against any attempt to abolish the Second Amendment.   1,777 more words


The Shot Across the Bow

The Bill of Rights just had another warning shot cross its bow. Its enemies abound. Thomas Jefferson would be frightened.

The 1st Amendment has been a target for a while, especially on university campuses, but even recently by a member of Congress. 903 more words

The Second Amendment of The American Constitution

With the recent protest on the part of March For Our Lives Americans have found themselves questioning the Second Amendment of the Constitution, while some would like the document repealed such as former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens who has recently stated that the amendment should be repealed in an essay on the New York Times he’s stated that after seeing the movements formed around the idea of enacting gun control has decided to speak out and state his proposals for gun control and a repeal to the amendment. 173 more words

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