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Second Winded Podcast Episode 1

In the first installment of the Second Winded Podcast, Brad talks about Tom Thibodeau’s rocky relationship with the Bulls front office. Cubs second baseman Javier Baez appears destined to start the season in Iowa and Corey Crawford is leading the latest Blackhawks resurgence.


Bulls Video Update for 3.16.15

Check out my video update on the Bulls and the current rift between Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau and upper management. Is it a real issue going forward? My thoughts.

Monday Morning Bulls Podcast for 3.16.15

Here is my Monday morning podcast where I discuss the potential rift between Bulls head coach Tom Thibodeau and upper management. I also discuss the players to watch while the Bulls deal with various injuries, along with how the Eastern Conference is shaping up.

Bulls loss to Thunder highlights Thibodeau - management rift

The Bulls lost to the OKC Thunder on Sunday afternoon, 109 -100, but what wasn’t lost was the fact that there continues to be a difference of philosophy when it comes to the allocation of player minutes on the Bulls. 595 more words

Is Tom Thibodeau the best lame-duck coach in pro sports?

Tom Thibodeau has to be the one of the best and most accomplished lame duck coaches in pro sports today.

I tried thinking of other coaches in the other major pro sports that have had continued great success with so little to work with, that still found themselves on the verge of being let go by their teams. 1,079 more words

Baffoe: Who Cares? Derrick Rose Does

By Tim Baffoe-

(CBS) You don’t care, I know, but I was pretty frazzled Monday afternoon. I had put off some homework until the last minute and was power-reading Rosamond Lehmann’s… 741 more words


Baffoe: The Derrick Rose Situation Somehow Feels Positive

By Tim Baffoe–

(CBS) We’ve had a few days to get back from the ledge. Now it’s on to the stage of picking up the pieces and salvaging whatever positives can be taken from the Derrick Rose situation. 742 more words