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You’d miss R.E.M. all the same, wouldn’t you ? Easily one of the best, certainly one of the most prolific and without doubt one of the most subversive of them all stepped off of the travellator for the last time in  2011, thirty-one years after they’d assembled in Athens, Georgia, from where they launched some of the most breath-taking and influential records in the entire history of popular music. 2,594 more words

Mark Cagney

A John Peel, Walker Brothers, scary illness moment

November 12th, 2004. The day of John Peel‘s funeral. A DJ and broadcaster who’d been a part of so many people’s lives since the mid-Sixties, he’d died suddenly on holiday in Peru some weeks earlier. 686 more words



This event is 39 years old and obviously the few memories i have of this are jaded to say the least!im not quite sure if we had tickets or it was a pay on the door,but one thing is you had to be signed in,this was of course back in the days when the “students” where all a bit elitist,ie you had to be one to drink cheap cider in the students union bar even tho you had put fuck all in to the system,all that type of shit,keeping the riff raff out type of thing,it was a nightmare and as a 14 year old you can only stand being told to fuck off so many times,the thing with the students around that time was it was there kind of music circuit which was basically for them and nobody else like i mentioned earlier an elite club,so there we where me and jimmy and im not sure who else was with us,standing around trying our hardest when the man himself paul weller came walking down the steps in a parka,we managed to grab him and have a word about getting us in,but no chance there was nowt he could do as there was loads on the guest list,somehow one by one we managed to get in, and assemble at the bottom of the steps that went upto the concert hall,i remember there being a table selling tee shirts and stuff but not purchasing anything at all,on getting to the door that lead into the concert hall i can clearly remember the sound of patrik fitzgerald banging away on his guitar the song “safety pin stuck in my heart” i think we worked our way down to the front as all 14 year olds would do at the time! 269 more words


In Memory Of John Peel Show: 20171111- Podcast & Playlist

Settle down and drink your Joe- this is a big show.

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As the music release season heats up, hear the best, curated here.

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Novelization/Audiobook review - 'Doctor Who - The Daleks' Master Plan: Part 2 - The Mutation of Time'


Hello everyone! :)

Welcome to ‘Bradley’s Basement’ blog and I’m Tim Bradley!

For Timelord007, here’s my review on the second of two novelizations of ‘The Daleks’ Master Plan’ 198 more words


In Memory Of John Peel Show: 20171031- Podcast & Playlist

It’s dark and it’s not about sweets, but only briefly – some marvelous new music of many flavours

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