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West Virginias Not Happy with Senator Manchin: Gun Control Getting More Attention Every Day

This is from Patriot Outdoor News.

Just remember West Virginia you reelected this fool.

You could have elected Republican John John Raese.

So you stuck with this twit until 2018. 334 more words

Felons Versus Boors in Central Appalachia

Sometimes I want to hide my face in my hands.  Indefinitely.

A couple weeks ago, West Virginia’s John Raese made national news by telling an audience of Putnam County Republicans that the requirement that he post a sign banning smoking on his business property was the same as Hitler making Jews wear a Star of David.  282 more words

Crazy Palin-Endorsed Teapublican Compares "No Smoking" Signs To Hitler

This week’s episode of “Crazy Republican Comparisons” features Republican U.S. Senate candidate, John Raese. While speaking to a group of supporters, the Tea Party and Sarah Palin endorsed Raese compared “No Smoking” signs to one of Adolf Hitler’s most notorious mandates. 587 more words

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MANCHIN Defends 'Dead Aim' Ad - Real Clear Politics – TIME.com

Manchin Defends ‘Dead Aim’ Ad

January 10th, 2011

Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) on Monday fought back against suggestions that a controversial campaign ad he aired last October may have contributed to an overheated political culture that is being reexamined in light of the assassination attempt on Rep. 230 more words


Is the Federal Minimum Wage Unconstitutional?

The popularity of the Tea Party during the 2010 Election represents a growing movement toward a stricter construction of the U.S. Constitution and a more limited federal government. 673 more words

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Howie Carr(less) Fudges 2010 Election Results

The hardflying staff returned to Boston to find another in a series of Howie Carr man-crush pieces about Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown (R-Boston Herald).

From Wednesday’s feisty tabloid: 217 more words

With Manchin win, GOP Senate control looking out of reach

Projections have now awarded victory to popular West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin, defeating Republican hopeful John Raese, keeping the seat in Democratic hands as the successor to Robert Byrd. 218 more words