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Linguistic Ambidexterity

OK, this is interesting.

From the User’s Guide to the Brain by John Ratey:

If you want to verify the lateralization concept for yourself, take this test: Try to repeat a passage of poetry while you simultaneously tap a finger on the table. 313 more words

Life Is Dumb

Tracking with the ADHD Mind: Journey into Incredibleness

I was in the car with my 8 year old son this morning on the way to drop him to school. In the short 10 minute ride, his ADHD mind took me from perfect hairstyles for his waves and curls to new recipes he’d like to try when he opens his own “kitchen” next summer. 796 more words


Open Notebook / Just Read: Go Wild

The fascinating and comprehensive evolutionary perspective on human health presented in Go Wild by Dr. John Ratey and Richard Manning compellingly describes the importance of nutrition, exercise, sleep, socializing and contact with nature in our lives. 811 more words


Working out


I am now in week 3 of the insanity workout challenge, and I feel so great. I can’t believe I forgot how much I loved HIIT training and Plyo. 142 more words

Live Beautifully

EDU 6655: Exercise in Education

During our discussion in class my group proposed a new model in education which included starting each day with exercise. We believe that the research supports this type of model, but there would be significant road blocks in implementing it. 544 more words

Standard 5: Establish A Culturally Inclusive Learning Climate That Facilitates Academic Engagement And Success For All Students.

Hippocrates: If you´re in a bad Mood, go for a Walk

I´m at the third onsite of the 2013/14 MAPP program. This onsite is special because it´s the MAPP Summit: were being joined by some 60… 87 more words

Positive Psychology Insights