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Normative Delusions? Hans Sluga’s Critique of Normative Political Philosophy

How ought political philosophy to proceed in the contemporary moment? What methods should it employ? What can, or ought, it hope to achieve? In his… 4,141 more words

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Key Texts: Allen Buchanan, "Distributive Justice and Legitimate Expectations."

In this article, Allen Buchanan offers a provocative critique of Rawls’ difference principle (DP), according to which social and economic inequalities ought to be arranged so as to benefit the worst off. 769 more words

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Reader’s Guide: Rawls, A Theory of Justice (Chapter 1, §5-9)

In this post, I continue the Reader’s Guide Serious Rawls’ A Theory of Justice (TJ) (for the first installment, click here) by examining §5-9 of the introductory chapter. 2,869 more words

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Basic Issues: Is the Basic Structure the Primary Subject of Justice?

In A Theory of Justice (hereafter: TJ), Rawls famously claims that his two principles of justice apply, in first instance, to the “basic structure of society“. 4,244 more words

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Morality Over Rationality: Here's why

In this age of rationality, it is not unnatural to hear that people place great emphasis on being rational. Rationality is important, and is good in scenarios where rational decisions are to be made. 588 more words

Joulun jälkimainingeissa: Possu, tunne ja logiikka

Meidän, niin kuin kaikkien muiden, perheessä on vuosien varrella kehitetty omat jouluperinteet. Osaltani tähän kuuluu joulukuinen paluu Pohjanmaalle Lontoon vilinästä, lumisateen toivoton odotus, joulukorttien lähettely ja lahjojen hankinta, vuoden lyhyimmän päivän auringonlaskun seuraus kärsimättömän koiran kanssa – ja se, että jouluaterialla latistan tunnelman pelkällä läsnäolollani. 745 more words


The Violent Justice in Our Hearts on Resonance FM

Over the next few weeks I’ll be adapting and producing the radio version of my piece about rage, justice and terrorism, The Violent Justice in Our Hearts, … 32 more words