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NOTES on John Rawls (1921-2002): A Theory of Justice

Distributive justice is concerned with the distribution of goods in a society. For example, how much of a safety net should there be for the poor? 1,635 more words


Anarchy, State, and Utopia: Critical Exposition

Below is an extract (the first section of Chapter 2) of Ralf Bader’s most excellent and crisp Robert Nozick (pp. 10-14).

Famously, Nozick begins his book… 1,233 more words

Political Philosophy

Dancing With Destiny

If ever there were doubts that we live in a society racing toward oblivion, Donald Trump and his minions have erased any such foolish thoughts.  America―once a paragon within the world order for moral high ground―is now a cesspool of filth, hatred and treachery. 858 more words

Donald Trump

Chris Sciabarra on Objectivism and Disability

Here’s a must-read interview with Chris Sciabarra at Folks magazine, on Sciabarra’s  lifelong struggle with Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome, along with his lifelong attachment to the work of Ayn Rand (and Nathaniel Branden). 1,278 more words

My Brother's Keeper?

CNN Photo. A mother unloads groceries purchased with food stamps in 2013.

I got angry at a colleague last Saturday. I got angry simply because he expressed his opinions—opinions shared by many Americans. 1,002 more words


Holly Lawford-Smith, "Ideal Theory—A Reply to Valentini"

Holly Lawford-Smith’s brief article, “Ideal Theory—A Reply to Valentini”, is exactly what it sounds like: a concise reply to Laura Valentini’s “On The Apparent Paradox of Ideal Theory”. 688 more words

Laura Valentini, “On the Apparent Paradox of Ideal Theory”

Many critics of ideal theory contend that there is a gap between ideal theories and our non-ideal circumstances—a gap which renders ideal theories ill-suited to guide action in the real world. 1,176 more words