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The end of the Independent Living Fund is a cut too far for a decent society

There is a concept, introduced by the philosopher John Rawls, called the “veil of ignorance”. Writing about distributive justice (who gets what), Rawls’ argument was that the best way to ensure everyone in society were to be treated fairly would be for politicians to make decisions from behind this veil. 507 more words



Socialism remains a reviled word in American politics. In the Obama era, political debate amounts to Republicans accusing Democrats of being socialists and Democrats fleeing that accusation. 467 more words

Working Class

Good Faith and Context - John Rawls

Just like the context (historical, social, political etc) of the erection of a building is key in understanding and appreciating a piece of architecture, so it is with reading philosophy. 549 more words


The Value Of Income Redistribution Is Theoretical

I happened to catch a television show “Justice with Professor Michael Sandel” on iChannel.  It dealt with social justice and the work of American moral philosopher John Rawls.  716 more words

Don Shaughnessy

Radicalizing Rawls -Book Review

Gary Chartier. Radicalizing Rawls: Global Justice and the Foundations of International Law. 592 more words

Churches and Taxation: How separate is the separation of church and state?

Churches and Taxation

The tax exemption churches receive looks on the surface like a clean cut benefit to the separation of church and state laid down in the first amendment of the United States constitution. 1,494 more words