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Kim Davis and John Rawls

Just read this article in the New Yorker about the Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis. She continues to refuse to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her “conscience.” The article gets it spot on: there is no logical end to that principle. 229 more words

John Rawls

"Falling in Love with Social Democracy," By Fred Baumann

That a political regime cannot be sustained by principles and institutions alone is something Martha Nussbaum understands. The regime has to be supported by the sentiments of the citizens. 2,408 more words

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Rawls Against Meritocracy

The great political philosopher John Rawls has a great quote against meritocracy that I’d like to share. Often, we see meritocracy as this brilliant idea where everyone gets  379 more words

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Would the reckless maritime protests of @Greenpeace be tolerated on land?

Were the Greenpeace runabouts observing maritime safety rules such as avoiding collisions and giving way? Any protester that behaved like that in a car would be immediately arrested and charged. 230 more words

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