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Would the reckless maritime protests of @Greenpeace be tolerated on land?

Were the Greenpeace runabouts observing maritime safety rules such as avoiding collisions and giving way? Any protester that behaved like that in a car would be immediately arrested and charged. 230 more words

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Meeting discussion points from 14th July 2015

Apologies for not taking as comprehensive a set of notes as usual, so the richness of our discussion will not be adequately reflected. We picked up on last month’s discussion, prompted by John Rawls, on trying to understand fairness in a more qualified manner. 390 more words

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Clarity on Tolerance

The public school system in Fairfax County, Virginia is currently going through a storm of controversy. The disturbance is based on the school board’s recent vote to add gender identity education (and corresponding sex education) to their curriculum, starting as early as Kindergarten. 1,081 more words

A further thought ....

Posted by Stephen: Tom briefly commented on the Peter Singer extract and begins to develop an important debate. Obviously a blog is a bit of a short- hand and there is much more to be said, so this post is by way of extending the dialogue. 658 more words

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