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A Normative Ethical Framework in Climate Change by Marco Grasso — A Summary

Title: A Normative Ethical Framework in Climate Change
Author: Marco Grasso
Publication: Climatic Change, Vol. 81, No. 3–4 (2007)
Link: https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10584-006-9158-7

Before beginning, make yourself comfortable with the following concepts. 1,828 more words


Remembering Dick Gregory and Debating Animal Rights

I’ve been thinking a lot about Dick Gregory, a dazzling comedian, trenchant social critic, and tireless civil rights and antiwar activist who passed away last Saturday. 149 more words


Der neutrale Staat

Leitlinien eines liberalen Staates – Teil 1

Ein liberaler Staat kann sein Handeln an unterschiedlichen Leitprinzipien ausrichten. Gemein ist diesen Leitlinien der Wunsch die größtmögliche Freiheit für die größtmögliche Zahl an Menschen zu realisieren, doch die Eigenheiten dieser Denkansätze führen in der konkreten Ausprägung zu verschiedensten Ergebnissen. 1,773 more words


The Art of Management - The Sovereign, The General and the Cavalry Charge.

Understanding political philosophy and statecraft is essential to understanding power structures in companies and leaders.

Since humans started domesticating horses, cavalry has become an integral part of the Army. 148 more words



The American philosopher John Rawls popularized the idea of justice as fairness. Sadly, fairness creams are the main proponents of that word. Whether fairness creams practice fairness in the entire concept of such products is really questionable. 415 more words


Most of the people want to lead a happy and prosperous life. We can increase our wealth in two ways.

  • Creation of New Wealth (Many entrepreneurs claim that they do it, surely some do it)
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