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The Edge of Extinction

A distant shriek caught my hyper-alert attention. Was it a scrubfowl?  I looked towards where the sound originated from.  I cautiously took out the tranquilizer rifle from the camouflaged pouch latched on the hunting tree seat and looked through the night-vision monocular. 1,468 more words

Political Principles and their Practice in Sri Lanka 1 - The need for high quality thought and discussion

Some years back Cambridge University Press in Delhi published a slim volume I wrote entitled ‘Political Principles and their Practice in Sri Lanka’. I prepared this because I had been horrified at the lack of awareness even in students of political science of basic political principles. 937 more words


Rawls without glasses

I just found this unusual picture of John Rawls, without the glasses he typically wore.

The photo, provided by Mardy Rawls, his wife, is from the book… 88 more words


John Rawls's Blind Storytelling

The political Left is it in disarray. We could blame it on the establishment, on the privatization of education that has robbed it of its… 3,058 more words


My Philosopher: Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant

Mike Pascal

Immanuel Kant was born April 22, 1724 in Königsberg, East Prussia. What is known today as Kaliningrad and is part of Russia. 997 more words