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Of Ethics

Years ago, in one of my group psychosocial sessions I had decided the group needed an introduction to ethical decision making, so I asked who could give me a definition of ethics.  806 more words

Citizens of affluent countries are not responsible for their social institutions’ violations of human rights – a critique of Thomas Pogge

The German philosopher, Thomas Pogge (2007) who wrote his PhD dissertation under the supervision of John Rawls and has since made a name for himself, claims that severe poverty is largely avoidable today if the more affluent, given the wealth that they have accumulated, would actively attempt to improve the lives of the poor. 1,652 more words

An evaluation of John Rawls' political philosophy

Writing in The American Conservative in 2008, David Gordon of the Ludwig von Mises Institute gave what I thought was a helpful overview of Rawls’ strengths and weaknesses. 417 more words

Political Theory

Bringing Family Back To Dinnertime

The restaurant business has been searching for Chief Innovation Officers to help push their restaurants to the top, and I’m happy to announce that I’ll be taking my talents to Decatur, Georgia, where the original Applebee’s was founded back in 1980. 534 more words

Blog 9 - Chief Innovation Officer

Justice: what's the right thing to do?

Justice: what’s the right thing to do? Episode 08: “What’s a fair start?” (2009)

Michael Sandel on: “Why we shouldn’t trust markets in our civic life… 41 more words

The Morality of Freedom/Morals by Agreement

It’s been thirty years since arguably the last great works of liberal political philosophy in the analytical tradition appeared, setting aside Rawls’ Political Liberalism from 1993. 9 more words

Political Philosophy

Political Philosophy Ventures

            Now to be completely honest I did not think I’d be a philosophy person, but it turns out I really love the style of arguments and whatnot in thinking about very deep things and coming up with a specific definition for a certain concept. 847 more words

John Rawls