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A MODEL FOR ESTABLISHING SOCIAL JUSTICE IN THE U.S.: The Dream of Progressives, the Bane of Conservatives

A Citizen’s Perspective

A brief prologue:

I want to be clear at the outset; I do not want my government building my automobile, manufacturing my clothes, growing my… 10,122 more words

Social Justice

What sort of society should the rational person want?

Last time, I concluded that wealth inequality does significant harm to an individual’s life, liberty, and mental health, with no additional benefits.

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Income Inequality

Totem of liberties turn 800 today

By Eric Wamanji

Eight hundreds years is a very very long time. Yet, today, the world is celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, or simply the Great Charter! 714 more words

John Rawls (1921-2002): A personal view

As part of our excellent discussion on John Rawls at the June meeting, Celia had written down some of her thoughts.  This excellent piece says a lot about some of the key points we discussed. 303 more words

John Rawls

John Rawls

Following our previous discussion on happiness we felt that it would be useful to return to the issues of justice and fairness because I had raised the name of John Rawls as an important figure about whom people in our group knew very little.  486 more words

Notes For Meetings

‘Family Values’: Anatomy of a Straw Man

By Gavin Davis

What sets the Democratic Alliance apart from other parties is the culture of open debate that characterises its internal elections. Rigorous debate is important because it gives Congress delegates an opportunity to get to know the candidates better, increasing the likelihood of the best candidate getting elected. 1,195 more words

Politics & Media

Reflective Equilibrium

The Socratic Catholic recently posted a biographical sketch of his political beliefs: Neoconservatism, to Libertarianism, and Back Again. His post made me think about my own political beliefs and whether I was reforming them according to the dictates of reason. 320 more words