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How should I spend my time now that I've given up on the American experiment?

So many things to choose from.

  • Clean out my garage.  You’ve seen my garage, right?  You haven’t?  It’s a mess.  Decluttering is all the rage.  Maybe I’ll start there.
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John Rawls, Constructing an Ideal Society, and Thai Food

On the eve of the U.S. Presidential Elections 2016, under the regal gaze of the recently-deceased Thai King Bhumibol, over steaming tom yam seafood soup and… 1,569 more words


Liberalism vs Socialism

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Both liberals and socialists value equality and liberty, but their visions for the world can be vastly different from each other. Perhaps the best way to distinguish between liberalism and socialism can be clarified by a single question: Who should own the means of production? 693 more words


Liberalism #1 - An overview of liberal political thought.

Liberal ideas are so central to life in modernity that it is easy to forget that liberalism first emerged as a radical and revolutionary doctrine, culminating in revolutionary wars in the United States (1776) and in France (1789). 993 more words


Has Democracy Become Mob Rule?

What does it mean to be a citizen of a state? Perhaps this is a question that most people do not contemplate. In modern times, the concept of citizenship is interlinked with natural rights. 1,277 more words


John Rawls (1921–2002)

Kendinizi doğmamış bir çocuğun yerine koyun. Bir milyarder mi yoksa dilenci mi olacağınızı bilmiyorsunuz. Nasıl bir toplumda doğmak isterdiniz? Kaderinizi bilmiyorsanız, dünyanızın nasıl bir yönetimle, nasıl kanunlarla idare edilmesini isterdiniz? 294 more words


Black Swans behind the Veil of Ignorance

In this blog post I want to share a few thoughts about justice, the Veil of Ignorance, and Black Swans. Let me introduce them one by one. 946 more words

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