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Quotables: What Are Your Favourite Person of Interest Quotes?

After I asked Twitter for a series of their favourite Sameen Shaw one-liners (which come in truckloads, I now remember—and shame myself for forgetting) I’ve collected a brief run-down of what I think my favourite character quotes/exchanges are: for Reese, Finch, Carter, Fusco, Shaw and Root. 2,614 more words

Sarah Shahi

Why Humanity Prevails on Person of Interest As Two AI Gods Go to War

This article will contain spoilers for seasons 1-4!

How common is it to watch a television show and loathe the main character? How common is it to loathe a scene when two certain characters interact? 3,841 more words


“Let Me Show You How We Fought Back”: Person of Interest

In celebration of four mind-blowing seasons, I decided to collect the views of the Person of Interest fanbase. I didn’t ask a specific question—only broad suggestions such as “Why does POI matter to you?” among others, and was overwhelmed by the intelligent, touching, thought-provoking responses I received. 3,177 more words

Sarah Shahi

GRF: Ministrationum Sinistra

Maggie snapped her left turn signal on as the sign for the river expeditions facility came into view. “Okay,” Gene said, nodding his head, “now I remember this place.” 2,600 more words


GRF: Focus!

After filling bellies with greasy fare and the tank with 87 octane Maggie took the wheel and put the Taurus and her family back on I 40 heading west. 1,055 more words


GRF: "Promises to Keep..."

Stopping in Durham had not been as good of a choice as they’d hoped. It was nearly midnight before Gene pulled into the hotel and they’d had to leave just as the sun was rising in order to make it to Asheville in time to do their Pigeon River scenic float. 1,294 more words


GRF: Safe & Sound

They had promised one another and the kids that the drive to Four Corners would not be a death march, an endurothon, a contest to see how quickly they could cover the 2,000 miles that separated Washington DC and Mesa Verde National Park in south western Colorado. 1,579 more words