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Throwback Thursday - Essential Spider-Man Vol. 4

First Published: December 2000

Contents: First and Second Editions: Amazing Spider-Man #69 (February 1969) to #89 (October 1970), and Amazing Spider-Man Annual #4 (1967) and #5 (1968); … 468 more words


Jackpot, Tiger

This is the third of four planned posts about Spider-Man as Stan Lee’s novel, running from the original appearance in Amazing Adult Fantasy #15 through… 1,252 more words


Sunday Scan - Gil Kane

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It’s Sunday morning and time for another Sunday Scan! I recently finished collecting all 70 regular issues (and the magazines and Giant-Sized specials) of Marvel’s legendary Tomb of Dracula series from the 70’s. 88 more words


Today I am a man

BONUS POST: Thanks to Markku Tuovinen and his July pledge at the Doctor Xaos Patreon!
So my long-standing claim is that Lee’s run on Spider-Man… 1,719 more words


Sunday Scan - John Romita Sr.

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Sunday Scan time again! This week’s selection is one of Marvel’s horror books. This is the cover for Chamber of Darkness #1 (1969) by the master John Romita Sr. 79 more words


The Avengers (1975) - #135 : Dan Crespi, Allen 'Al' Milgrom, John Romita Sr., Jim Starlin

Celebrating the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron
“The Torch is Passed!”: “The Vision learns his true origin from Ultron-5. Also, in Vietnam, Moondragon joins Mantis, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Thor, Libra and the Cotati to uncover the secrets of the Celestial Madonna.”

Comic Books

Where Do I Start? Spotlight: Daredevil 

A new series suggesting starting points for characters a reader may not be familiar with along with ‘required reading.’ With the premiere of the new Netflix series, Daredevil was the obvious choice:

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