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So my long-standing claim is that Lee’s run on Spider-Man… 1,719 more words


Sunday Scan - John Romita Sr.

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Sunday Scan time again! This week’s selection is one of Marvel’s horror books. This is the cover for Chamber of Darkness #1 (1969) by the master John Romita Sr. 79 more words


The Avengers (1975) - #135 : Dan Crespi, Allen 'Al' Milgrom, John Romita Sr., Jim Starlin

Celebrating the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron
“The Torch is Passed!”: “The Vision learns his true origin from Ultron-5. Also, in Vietnam, Moondragon joins Mantis, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Thor, Libra and the Cotati to uncover the secrets of the Celestial Madonna.”

Comic Books

Where Do I Start? Spotlight: Daredevil 

A new series suggesting starting points for characters a reader may not be familiar with along with ‘required reading.’ With the premiere of the new Netflix series, Daredevil was the obvious choice:

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All about the pie

Just a minute here to talk about a comics supervillain whose type doesn’t figure into Doctor Xaos, neither lesser nor ultra, but rather personal, who is primarily dangerous due to what he knows, how he’s related to the hero through ordinary ties, and what flips his switch. 789 more words


The Fantasticast Episode 124: Fantastic Four #108 - The Monstrous Mystery of the Nega-Man!

All-New Flashbacks

Hello, and welcome to episode 124 of The Fantasticast. Each week, Steve Lacey and Andy Leyland guide you through every issue, guest-appearance and cameo of The Fantastic Four. 215 more words

Stan Lee

1976: Bullseye (Daredevil #131-132)

If you’re looking to read about the horse from Toy Story 2, you’ve come to the wrong place. This is the story of Bullseye, the worlds greatest marksmen and assassin.¬† 1,241 more words