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What is a Blog? John. Do (John Saddington)

Looks like I have already answered that question, but this text has helped me clarify the term. I have realised that I have been blogging for years, Facebook style. 296 more words

Logging Of Ideas

Mastery- A Cold June in NYC

The weather gets warmer and drier in June in New York, USA, when spring is merging into summer. The final week in June the best time to holiday in the city if you want to visit New York when the city is at its warmest.

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Intents, Purposes and Project Euler

To begin I am not a blogger, but a convincing talk given by avid blogger John Saddington that pushed me towards giving this a try.  So lets get started. 369 more words

Life and Entrepreneurship with Pat Flynn and Tony Stubblebine

In episode 80 of Smart Passive Income, Pat Flynn interviews Tony Stubblebine, CEO and co-founder of Lift.  Lift is an app that allows users to track small actions that lead to larger goals on a daily basis.   1,913 more words

Cal Newport

The beginning started long ago

I have just been inspired to blog by a post from the legend blogger John Saddington (Thanks Blessing Mpofu http://leadershipheretic.com/ ). His post on blogging for your start-up is direct and one sided but has pushed me to get off my butt and start this thing. 113 more words


Rainy Days And Sundays Are For WordPress

OK. I did the rainy Saturday blog, yesterday. So why am I doing the rainy Sunday thing, today? Easy peasy! It is Sunday and it is raining in Georgia. 286 more words