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Casa de los Babys [subtitled in part]

Casa de los Babys is a John Sayles movie about American women (and one who’s Irish or Irish American) who have to go to the Third World to adopt babies. 1,548 more words


Jurassic World - Trailer 2

I’m of two minds on the latest Jurassic World trailer.  It goes without saying that there are some awesome moments, particularly when Owen Brady (Chris Pratt) is riding his motorcycle amidst a (Pack?   237 more words


John Sayles 1991

“City of Hope” director John Sayles. Interview by Elisa Leonelli. Photography by Robert Zuckerman. (c) VENICE November 1991

The Best Film on TV this Week

Lone Star (1996, John Sayles)

Have you ever been in a cinema and the film caught fire? Celluloid is very inflammable and a projector gets rather hot. 377 more words


An Open Letter to the Film Industry

By Jesse Richards (posted on here for archive purposes) 2014

An Open Letter to the Film Industry

(in rebuttal to George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, David Lynch, Steven Soderbergh, Martin Scorsese, John Sayles and honestly we forget who else there were so many): 1,520 more words

Saturday Matinee: The Brother From Another Planet

“The Brother From Another Planet” (1984) is a thinly veiled sci-fi race allegory from writer/director/editor/actor John Sayles. Joe Morton plays “the Brother” a mute alien slave who crash lands near Harlem while trying to evade his alien oppressors. 58 more words