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Herding Cats and Other Species Who Don't Want to be Herded

I am in beautiful Monterey at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Spa for the semi-annual residential conference of Saybrook University.

This is the start of my 5th semester in my PhD program (how did that happen?) and struggling with focusing my research toward a dissertation. 297 more words

Who Wants To Live Forever?

Here it is, folks: The Citizen Kane of Star Wars ripoffs. Produced by Roger Corman and scripted by future indie film director extraordinaire John Sayles,  148 more words

Fishies pt 1 (Piranha, 1978)

Joe Dante’s third film was one of Roger Corman’s knockoff films.  Corman had a formula and it had a lot to do with seeing what was big or on the verge of big and following suit with lower budgets.  392 more words



Limbo (1999, imdb) Warning: Synopsis blurb on IMDb is a big ol’ spoiler.
Directed by John Sayles

Limbo is a wonderful movie. More than decent™, it is a small masterpiece. 145 more words


Happy Birthday: John Sayles

John Sayles

Born: September 28, 1950 in Schenectady, New York, USA

Because directing is very political and social, it takes up more of your time than writing does. 130 more words

September 28: Happy Birthday Naomi Watts and Mira Sorvino

Naomi Watts, who turns 48 today, was born in England but moved to Australia in her teens, so her acting career began in Australian film and television.  1,055 more words

Celebrity Birthdays

Alligator (1980, Lewis Teague)

Alligator has quite a few things going for it. Lead Robert Forster is great, Robin Riker’s solid as his love interest and sidekick, John Sayles’s script has some excellent moments in it (some of them just being the attention he pays to Forster and Riker’s relationship), the giant alligator effects are solid, Larry Bock and Ron Medico’s editing is outstanding. 498 more words