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The Howling (1981) Patrick Macnee Tribute/Joe Dante Festival

Werewolf films are plentiful but not as scary as they once were. “Twilight” seems to have turned shape shifting human/wolves into domesticated pets.  1981 however, was a landmark year for werewolf based movies. 1,401 more words

The Psychology of the Film Grain Structure in 'Lone Star'

“Maybe they can’t articulate it but I think  film there’s a psychology to the grain structure and an emotional component to it that maybe you aren’t aware of as you are watching. 810 more words


Movie Review: "Honeydripper" The 2007 John Sayles Movie that Fell Through the Cracks

John Sayles ventures into August Wilson territory with “Honeydripper,” the story of Tyrone Purvis (Danny Glover), a piano player who once killed a man in a barroom fight, now struggling to keep his own roadhouse from financial ruin. 287 more words

John Sayles on People stories Vs. Screen Stories.

From a piece of research tracked down after watching John Sayles’s ‘Lone Star,’ which was nominated for the screenplay Oscar in its year and features an impressively diverse cast of people in small town, TX. 437 more words

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Episode 8. Marvel's Cinematic Universe and The Secret of Roan Inish (1994) -- the Pastoral and the Child

The Secret of Roan Inish, the pastoral, and the child!!

Filling in for David, Jen Zink joins me to discuss the state of Marvel’s Cinematic Universe and our main event film,  126 more words


Melting Pot, Salad Bowl or Something Else?

Thoughts provoked by  The Tortilla Curtain

I really don’t know where to begin. This is a life-changing book – a story that will put you in the shoes of people we see everyday – but don’t really see. 654 more words


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