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A synopsis of a fortnight...

I’m sure I am going to piss a lot of people off with this “reblog,” but I have to say it is a great read. There is a portion that particularly appealed to me since I have seen so much lamenting, bashing, general disgust, encouragement (yes, encouragement) at what is going on in our country. 2,888 more words

Bookends: Body Shifting Suspects make for a Difficult Case

Bookends: Body Shifting Suspects make for a Difficult Case

By Dan Davidson

September 21, 2016        

– 870 words –

Lock In

By John Scalzi

TOR Books… 859 more words


Book Review: The Dispatcher by John Scalzi

In this world murder victims don’t die, they simply disappear from the crime scene and reappear unharmed in their own homes. Why it’s only murder victims and not suicides or those who die of natural causes, no one knows. 210 more words

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Kat's 2017 Most Anticipated Reads

It’s apparently the year of the sequel, at least for my anticipated reads. But three of my current favourite series are wrapping up this year and I’m very, very excited about that. 937 more words

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Miniatures: The Very Short Fiction of John Scalzi

I received an ARC copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. I have had to be strategic with my requests on NetGalley. 620 more words


Lock In by John Scalzi

It’s hard to even describe what this book is about, since Scalzi creates a narrative of complex information and forgettable characters. In the world of Lock In, a disease called Haden’s Syndrome causes people to become vegetables, but affected people are able to upload their consciousness into androids. 722 more words


'Being Poor' by John Scalzi

Being Poor
John Scalzi
September 3, 2005

Being poor is knowing exactly how much everything costs.

Being poor is getting angry at your kids for asking for all the crap they see on TV. 1,040 more words