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2015 Armchair Audies: Science Fiction

I’m honored to be a guest judge this year for the The Armchair Audies, the audiobook blogosphere’s annual “challenge” in conversation with the Audio Publishers Association… 2,868 more words

John Scalzi

Stealing from Scalzi

I’ve decided to snag something that John Scalzi does on his blog. Every week or so he posts a picture of the new books he’s gotten. 24 more words


Worldbuilding: Preparing to Build Your World with Julie

TODAY’S BREW: Fancee coffee from Mistobox because Sam won’t let me go to the store to get cheap stuff, and hasn’t for 3 days.

By Julie… 1,073 more words


Where have All the Puppies Been?

Yeah, it’s another Puppies entry. You know the drill.

So the Sad Puppies are an effort to bring more readers into the Hugo-voting fold, so says the party line. 453 more words

Book To Screen Wishlist (Part 2)

We continue with Part 2 of my wish list of books I want to see adapted to the screen. As of this writing, a few of these titles have been optioned, but no production information exists beyond that (except in the case of the last in the list, but again, this project is on hold indefinitely). 2,111 more words

Reader Request Week 2015 #3: Raising Strong Women

This question was asked by JRed and seconded by a number of people in the thread:

What advice do you have for raising a strong woman in today’s world*?

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Dave Higgins reblogged this on Davetopia and commented:

This article by John Scalzi sets out a his thoughts on how to raise a “strong woman”; and I can see the merit. However, as I favour both cross-fertilisation of knowledge and avoiding unnecessary gender bias, I wondered if they held if references to female children were removed.

  1. Promote good role models.

  2. Always treat family whose privilege is less as if they were your equals.

  3. Treat others with the same respect as you would family.

  4. Respect others’ agency.

  5. Treat others as thinking beings.

  6. Point out cultural nonsense as it happens.

  7. Support others’ rights and aspirations.

  8. Do all of the above without needing to get credit for it.

To my mind, not a bad set of guidelines for any situation.

Myths as Truths

“A myth is just a religion that has fallen into disrepute.”

So Joanne Harris asserts on John Scalzi’s Whatever blog (May 8, 2015). She is peddling her book… 251 more words