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Sadly, GOP Will Always Be With Us

The Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare has been very revealing. As members of the House of Representatives discuss the American Health Care Act, or as one  423 more words

A World Without Children, or at Least a Policy Without Them!

Can you imagine a human being, fully formed without also imagining him or her embedded in a network of social relationships? Can you (or anyone) be a person without being among others? 1,703 more words


Dumbo Elephant

I think I must have a bit in common with some Republican legislators. They don’t seem to understand where babies come from. I didn’t really understand either, at the age of eight or nine. 801 more words

The Week’s Bipartisan Misogyny: Andrea Mitchell, the Healthcare Debate & Mansplaining

“It’s an unprecedentedly silent time from the government’s foreign policy apparatus, and Mitchell has a duty to represent the public interest. Without a flow of information, the correspondent refused to act the part of photo op handmaiden for the administration. 143 more words

Contemptor (Politics/Media Criticism)

Destruction of HUD, ACA, and EPA ... All In A Week's Work!!! - Part I

It is time to stop this madness.  This entire week has been lunacy the likes of which we have never before seen in this country.  First, there is the absolutely… 988 more words

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House panel to consider ‘modernizing’ Clean Air Act, environmental laws

House panel to consider ‘modernizing’ Clean Air Act, environmental laws

BY DEVIN HENRY – 02/09/17 05:17 PM EST 


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A House committee next week will consider how to “modernize” environmental laws like the Clean Air Act, the panel announced Thursday.  246 more words