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Animals as Fictional Characters by Jody Staton

Books, most especially children’s books, are full of all sorts of animal characters. Their portrayals cover a long continuum, from completely realistic, to being so anthropomorphized that the animals are depicted as nearly human. 580 more words

Stories For Children

Charlie Don't Surf

Steinbeck in Vietnam: Dispatches from the War
John Steinbeck, Thomas E. Barden, ed.

My dad worked on the NYC subway system and, growing up, the family dog was a… 1,304 more words



East of Eden should be recognized as The Great American Novel (yes, that’s capitalized). More than Moby Dick or Huckleberry Finn, more than The Great Gatsby or The Catcher in the Rye, or Steinbeck’s other great novel The Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden gives an expansive view of american life in a way that no other piece of literature has; spanning generations, from the civil war to world war I, it follows the families Trask and Hamilton, while paralleling the story of Genesis in more ways than one.

Happy Birthday John Steinbeck.

Four Thousand Eyes on The Hamilton Gardens

In 1940 American realist thinker Karl Llewellyn, somewhat alarmingly, posited that what a judge decides could depend on what he had for breakfast that morning. Writing two decades later, in… 1,372 more words

Happy Birthday John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck would have been 113-years-old today. As it is his birthday, I am devoting this week’s blog post to him.

(February 27th 1902 – December 20th 1968) 416 more words


"Publishing" -- John Steinbeck



John Steinbeck

from his 1969 “interview” in The Paris Review


The book is out of balance. The reader expects one thing and you give him something else. 463 more words