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Faith On Strike

How would life, as you know it, change if churches and faith-based organizations went on strike and no longer contributed to the needs of society? The void of services would sound a mournful echo reverberating with the shock waves of desperation. 132 more words



I recently read an article on the Chuck Colson web site by John Stonestreet that exposed a predicament in Canada of the government having to pay a premium to doctors to conduct physician assisted suicide. 848 more words

Mere Fidelity: Voting and Getting Along After the Election (w/ John Stonestreet)

This week we finally decided to take up the election, so we had the President of the Colson Center, John Stonestreet, on to chat with us. 206 more words

It Rains on the Just and the Unjust

It is a trending comment among Christians:

Nonbelievers are going to act like nonbelievers.

As a caution against judgmental attitudes, this is helpful. It is also a good reminder that our goal is not to force superficial behavior but to influence spiritual transformation. 534 more words