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Galatians 1:7 unpacked

“…which is really no gospel at all. Evidently some people are throwing you into confusion and are trying to pervert the gospel of Christ.”

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Worthy is the Lamb

In May of 2011, I posted this:

John R.W. Stott is very much respected among many professing Christians (I think Calvinists as well as Arminians). Despite Stott’s damnable doctrine of annihilationism he STILL remains highly revered.

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John Stott

don't convert culture

In both West and East it is vital for us to learn to distinguish between Scripture and culture, and between those things in culture which are inherently evil and must therefore be renounced for Christ’s sake and those things which are good or indifferent and may therefore be retained, even transformed and enriched. 162 more words


John Knox, D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and John Stott, On Preaching and Courage

John Knox, the Scottish Reformer, understood the seriousness of preaching. When he was called forth to preach the gospel, he “burst forth in most abundant tears, and withdrew himself to his chamber. 318 more words

Quotable Quotes

Considering Intentionality in Evangelism

I was confused by the beginning of Mark Bechtle’s chapter, Intentional Sharing, in Evangelism for the Rest of Us. It is a story of unintentional sharing. 783 more words

the matter of vocation

Consider what the realistic outworkings of ‘mission’ are likely to be.

I begin with vocation, by which I mean a Christian’s life-work. We often given the impression that if a young Christian man is really keen for Christ, he will undoubtedly become a foreign missionary, that if he is not quite as keen as that he will stay at home and become a pastor, that if he lacks the dedication to be a pastor, he will no doubt serve as a doctor or teacher, while those who end up in social work or the media or (worst of all) in politics are not far removed from serious backsliding! 298 more words


Perihal Membaca dan Memahami Alkitab

Meskipun bukan hal baru, tetapi banyak orang Kristen yang ingin terus mengetahui bagaimana membaca dan memahami Alkitab dengan lebih baik lagi. Hal tersebut didasari pada kerendahan hati tentang keterbatasan pikiran manusia tapi di sisi lain didorong oleh kerinduan ingin semakin mengenal Tuhan melalui lembar demi lembar Alkitab. 1,014 more words

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