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Devotional # 101. Ephesians 3:8-13

Devotional # 101. 9/8/14. Ephesians 3:8-13.

Intro. Last week I said that we were going to split Ephesians 3 into 3 parts. This week is part 2. 1,195 more words

How to Prepare Sermons: John Stott's Six Steps

The task of preaching God’s Word remains a constant challenge and joy to me. One of the books that has most shaped my approach to preparation is John Stott’s… 279 more words

Devotional # 90. Galatians 3:15-29

Devotional # 90. 6/9/14. Galatians 3:15-29.

Introduction: Galatians has kept the theme of not adding anything to faith in Jesus. Paul has focused on the law: making sure that as Christians we don’t go back to it or if we never knew the law in the way that Hebrews did that we don’t allow ourselves to start clinging to it as more important or equal to Jesus. 784 more words

Basic Christianity: The Claims of Christ

It seems that any study of Christianity, whether scholarly or popularly, tends to begin with a look at who Jesus was.  John Stott writes that this is the perfect starting place because “essentially Christianity is Christ.” (28)  Stott continues, “Take Christ from Christianity, and you disembowel it; there is practically nothing left.”  (28)  So, who is this Jesus?   396 more words


John Stott on Suffering in Ministry

“The place of suffering in service and passion in mission is hardly ever taught today. But the greatest single secret of evangelistic or missionary effectiveness is the willingness to suffer and die. 69 more words


Basic Christianity: Preface - Chapter 1

John Stott’s classic teaching on Christian fundamentals, Basic Christianity, begins with setting, what Stott calls, a right approach to the study of God, namely that God has taken the initiative in revealing himself to us.   208 more words


John Stott on Christian Mission

This year the Theologian of the Year sermon is about John Stott, in particular his work in helping define Mission in our time.  Here are quotes from his book: 619 more words