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Ephesians: a love letter

Working through Ephesians at the moment when time allows. It is an immensely rich letter and it is a privilege and pleasure to spend time in it. 731 more words


Why You Only Need One Priest

“Bishop Ryle was right to ask what the sense or reason was of going to an earthly confessor so long as we can have access to the best of all Priests, Jesus Christ Himself: ‘When His ear is deaf, and His heart is cold when His hand is feeble, and His power to heal is exhausted when the treasure-house of His sympathy is empty, and His love and goodwill have become cold then and not till then, it will be time to turn to earthly priests and earthly confessionals. 16 more words

No Vertical without the Horizontal

“Indeed, the Bible lays great emphasis on the importance of right relations with our fellow-men, teaching that a right relationship with God is impossible without them. 50 more words

DL Moody's Example of Humble Apology

“If we have sinned against our neighbour, we must confess our sin to him and ask for his forgiveness. It sounds easy. yet we all know from common experience how costly it is… 320 more words

The Importance of Daily Confession

“Such confessing and forsaking, immediate and detailed, are required of every Christian. It is a question of honesty versus hypocrisy. The uncovering of sins is painful and… 57 more words

'You and Them Alone' is Good For the Church

“A great deal of tension in Christian congregations would be eased if we obeyed this plain command of Jesus: ‘Go and tell him his fault between you and him alone.’ Instead of having the courage to face a person with his fault, frankly but privately, we whisper behind his back and poison other people’s minds against him. 49 more words

Confess Early, Confess Often

The apostle Paul affirmed before Felix: ‘I always take pains to have a clear conscience toward God and toward men’ (Acts 24: 16). We should have the same ambition. 174 more words