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“A village church with a village God”

Quoting John Stott:

“I remember some years ago visiting a church incognito. I sat in the back row. I wonder who’s in the back row tonight.

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Balanced Christianity

Very infrequently do I utilize words like, Mature, Reflective, Nuanced, Sage, Wisdom filled, Theologically  brilliant in short balanced but all of these words describe BALANCED CHRISTIANITY by John Stott (IVP, 2014) 0r (Christianaudio,2013… 177 more words

YouthMinistry/Spiritual Formation

Understanding Christ by John Stott [Book review]. And expand your vocabulary - what does bowdlerize mean?

I acquired a John Stott book entitled Understanding Christ (Zondervan, 1979) and it is out-of-print. This is the third Stott book I’ve read, and I’ve additionally utilized his commentary on Romans, several of his… 412 more words


Expository Preaching

“All true Christian preaching is expository preaching…The opposite of exposition is ‘imposition’, which is to impose on the text what is not there. But the text in question could be a verse, or a sentence, or even a single word. 119 more words


John Piper Ascribes to Predestinarian Heresy?

Gottschalk taught a heresy called “predestinarianism.” In short, the heresy teaches double predestination (God decides both who is saved and who is not) with a twist. 1,895 more words


John Stott on Witness and Worship

Loved this quote from Stott’s commentary on Romans 15:16,

All evangelists are priests, because they offer their converts to God. Indeed, it is this truth more than any other which effectively unites the church’s two major roles of worship and witness.

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Christianity & Psychotherapy

After listening to a great article of Radio 4’s ‘Beyond Belief‘ and the discussion about the relationship between ‘religion and psychotherapy’ (read: Christianity & psychotherapy), I have transcribed a four minute interview with a Christian Psychotherapist, … 1,557 more words