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November Reading Log

Here’s a rundown of the 7 books I read in November.  It was a great month in terms of volume of pages read AND in quality of pages read.   1,773 more words


Wobbly Christians

Wobbly Christians who have no firm foothold in Christ are an easy prey for the devil. 

– John Stott in The Message of Ephesians


God's consistency

“We have to deny or disown everything within us which is false to our true humanity… It is in order to be our true selves that we have to deny ourselves; it is because God is never other than his true Self that He cannot and will not deny Himself… He cannot repudiate any part of Himself, because He is perfect.  

68 more words

Prayer Quote of the Week

Most Christians pray sometimes, with some prayers and some degree of perseverance, for some of God’s people.  But to replace “some” by “all” in each of these expressions would be to introduce us to a new dimension of prayer.

– John Stott


brightness at midnight, darkness at noon

“At the birth of the Son of God, there was brightness at midnight; at the death of the Son of God there was darkness at noon.”  227 more words


Central Streaming: In the Spirit

The Letters of Paul

As new creatures in Christ, we have the privilege and the power to live a transformed life.  We cannot allow ourselves to live, and think n the same old way.

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