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Understanding a Mystery

Israel or Palestine – where is it heading?

A sermon by Richard Matcham based on Romans 11:25-36

“Lord I pray that the raw nerves and thin shells this topic will likely touch upon, will enlarge the capacity of us all to engage truthfully with the text and the world, and challenge us to be contentedly discontent with mystery, that we may be more loving to one another, and truly worship you in all your unsearchable and inscrutable ways.  2,202 more words


Central to the Whole Thing

“Nobody has understood Christianity who does not understand the word ‘justified.'” -John Stott

Superficial Evangelism

“When we contrast much contemporary evangelism with Paul’s, its shallowness is immediately shown up. Our evangelism tends to be too ecclesiastical (inviting people to church) whereas Paul also took the gospel out into the secular world; too emotional (appeals for decision without an adequate basis of understanding), whereas Paul taught, reasoned and tried to persuade; and too superficial (making brief encounters and expecting quick results), whereas Paul stayed in Corinth and Ephesus for five years, faithfully sowing gospel seed and in due time reaping a harvest.” – John Stott, Acts

The Holy Spirit Likes It When We Think

“Because believed the gospel to be true, he was not afraid to engage the minds of his hearers. He did not simply proclaim his message in a ‘take it or leave it’ fashion; instead he marshalled arguments to support and demonstrate his case… What he renounced in Corinth (See 1 Cor 1 and 2) was the wisdom , not the wisdom of God, and the rhetoric of the Greeks, not the use of arguments… We must never set… trust in the Holy Spirit over against… arguments… as alternatives. 45 more words


“Endurance is the hallmark of the saved.” – John Stott

What Does It Mean to Evangelize

“To evangelize… does not mean to win converts… but simply to announce the Good News, irrespective of the results.” -John Stott

Accessible Anglicans

In a 2014 post “The Invisible Anglicanism of CS Lewis,” Jake Meador notes something that I have noticed before:

Any student of recent Christian history will, of course, be unsurprised to find an Anglican doing marvelous work while writing as a broadly orthodox Christian.

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