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Moving Targets for Tactical Training

From John Tate

Previously, I wrote about putting a standard qual target on my little, red “Radio Wagon” and pulling it towards the student; likewise, across (L to R or R to L) in front of him.

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The Stigmatized Olympians

USA Shooting, which used to be run by the NRA, remains shrouded in controversy—despite winning numerous gold medals at the Games

Following December’s deadly shooting rampage in nearby San Bernardino, the media sought out comment from Rhode, who expressed sorrow for the victims and support for gun rights.

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Tate on Use of Cover

Something is going to stop incoming rounds. Let it not be you. Why not give cover a chance?

Those of you who know me know my favorite criticism of many firearms qualification courses of fire (likely the only firearms training an officer will get in a given year), involves standing in front of a simulated threat, shooting at it for a while, and then standing there admiring a few holes, apparently oblivious to the fact that the simulated threat is still standing there … as much of a threat as before. 117 more words

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Bolt Action Rapid Fire

From John Tate.

I found these videos when looking for reloading techniques for the Krag. Below are two videos of a practical rifle competitive shooting event in Norway called  167 more words


Only Police and Military are Qualified to Carry Guns

This one from John Tate.

Polícia Militar are a type of preventive state police in every state of Brazil. The Military Police units, which have their own formations, rules and uniforms depending on the state, are responsible for maintaining public order across the country including the Federal District and its capital, Brasília.

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Lessons Learned from a Difficult Training Evolution

Training lessons from John Tate

I’d share a recent experience from which some new and old ideas were tried, and some lessons learned. They are noteworthy if only because, looking back on my 39 years of various levels of firearms instruction, this event ranks in the top 2 for challenges. 1,291 more words

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Advice from Tate

Summary write up of shooting advice organized by John Tate. 509 more words

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