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Only Police and Military are Qualified to Carry Guns

This one from John Tate.

Polícia Militar are a type of preventive state police in every state of Brazil. The Military Police units, which have their own formations, rules and uniforms depending on the state, are responsible for maintaining public order across the country including the Federal District and its capital, Brasília.

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Lessons Learned from a Difficult Training Evolution

Training lessons from John Tate

I’d share a recent experience from which some new and old ideas were tried, and some lessons learned. They are noteworthy if only because, looking back on my 39 years of various levels of firearms instruction, this event ranks in the top 2 for challenges. 1,291 more words

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Advice from Tate

Summary write up of shooting advice organized by John Tate. 509 more words

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New Mexico Firearms Qualification Standards and Scoring

From: John Tate
To: Mr. Mark Shea, NM DPS LEA Advanced Training Bureau Chief
Subj: New Mexico Firearms Qualification Standards and Scoring

First, I commend the LEA for the changes to the handgun courses of fire, especially: the mandatory speed reloads; mandatory use of flashlight; change of 2 seconds to 3 seconds on the “quick draw” stages; and the steps back at the retention stage. 511 more words


Ron Paul To Testify At Iowa Trial Of 2012 Campaign Aides

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Three top officials with Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign claim political motivations are behind charges alleging they violated federal financial disclosure laws by secretly paying an influential Iowa politician for his endorsement. 519 more words


Fictional Story With Good Lessons

From John Tate.

The story below has several important lessons.

(1) Note the lack of facts such as when and where. That’s a clue – because the story is false.

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Position Review with John Tate

Look at the photos here. On those folks in a firing position, notice their right elbow. Notice only one appears to have his elbow well tucked into his side. 374 more words

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