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Six Impossible Things

How many of us, if we saw our own white rabbits, would chase it down the rabbit hole to our own Wonderlands? Many of us would dismiss that we even saw the rabbit would admit that we had? 1,275 more words

A Thoroughly Modern Santa?

The sleigh got clamped and is languishing in dusty obscurity in a garage somewhere near the North Pole, and poor old Rudolph has been deemed surplus to requirements and has unceremoniously been given his P45. 679 more words


John Tenniel: Illustrator of the Week

 Off With Their Heads…

Jon Tenniel

Jon Tenniel was the lead illustrator of Punch, creating over 3,000 caricatures. Then on top of that he is the original and still the most respected illustrator of Alice in Wonderland. 44 more words


Who steals what?

In school we learn that copying is cheating, and it is probably true in many areas of our life, but when it comes to art the rules are different. 320 more words



How could we have known
when we were young
that verbs have a temper,

not like docile adjectives
hanging like ripe fruit
to be picked and used… 42 more words