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Running with the Red Queen

NY-bound today if all goes according to plan. Philly then NY. As always, leaving Scotland leaves me feeling bereft. I am determined to keep busy and try not to pine. 50 more words


The “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” I Never Knew

Having written about business tips I learned from reading “Alice in Wonderland” in March 2010 and having read “Alice..”, “Alice I Have Been”, background on Charles Dodgson aka his nom de plume: Lewis Carroll, viewing photos of Alice Liddell in the newspaper and at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, I didn’t think there was too much I didn’t know about Carroll’s release of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”.  483 more words

Alice In Wonderland


Continuing on that John Tenniel hype, I decided to give the baddy of the book ago!

She’s a bad’un alright! Even though Im not sure if anybody would ever want to red queen to feature on a t-shirt or a pretty pillow, I figured it was definitely worth giving it a crack. 98 more words

Down the rabbit hole

Continuing on with my love of John Tenniel and his Alice and Wonderland Illustrations, I decided to have a crack at the white rabbit. I had previously done an a piece of the white rabbit that I was really proud with (this one) 212 more words

cross stitch progress

A progress update and a discovery. The discovery was made when stitching more of the cross stitch piece this afternoon and it is that I can’t always seem to easily place the needle through the appropriate hole in the aida when coming up from the back.  195 more words


Mad as a Hatter

Finally got round to sewing a John Tenniel piece today, and I’m actually pretty happy with it. I think as long as I stay away from people’s faces then I might be okay? 39 more words

John Tenniel Love

Since school I have always found a fascination with Alice and Wonderland. So many people use it as inspirations for drawing, fashions, party themes, photography – the list is endless! 70 more words