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If Trump’s Ignorance Mirrors Our Own, Who's the Fairest of Us All?

Donald Trump in the White House?

I can’t even.

Ok, yes I can. We all can. Baby steps.

For nearly two weeks since the election every writing pen in this house felt dry. 744 more words


Dreaming of the Other Side of a Black Hole

Alice was playing with her Kitty cat until she drifted off to sleep and tumbled into a strange dream from which she awoke with questions. William Blake probably had a rich dream world too considering his extraordinary art and poetry, and perhaps quantum mechanics owes its inspiration to some out-of-this-world dreams experienced by great scientists. 1,202 more words


Humpty Dumpty

Humpty and the messenger are off the hoop. I gave the piece a short rinse in cold soapy water and then lightly ironed it from the back before stretching it while still damp but I can see a couple of places where my marker still shows so when I return from Scotland I’ll wash and stretch it once more before taking it to the framers. 41 more words


Alice Through the Magnifying Glass, Visual and Verbal Interplay in Wonderland

What is the use of a book,’ thought Alice, ‘without pictures or conversation?’

At the start of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Alice’s very first thought – ‘What is the use of a book, without pictures or conversation?’ places the visual and verbal interplay at work in Carroll’s books under the magnifying glass. 1,761 more words

Victorian Culture

Alice in Wonderland - The British Library

A few weeks ago, I met up with some friends to go to the Alice In Wonderland exhibition at the British Library. Despite having lived in London most of my life, and working in a library for over three years, I’d never actually been into the British Library before: I’d been to a talk about women and regional diversity in media, and I went to an Amanda Palmer gig there, but as those were both in the auditorium, I don’t feel like they really count as actual visits… So I was very pleased to finally go! 458 more words


A Year of Important Books: Alice In Wonderland

The actual name of this book is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and it was published in 1865. The author was Lewis Carroll, which is the pen name for Charles Lutwidge Dawson. 1,290 more words