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The Coming Exteriorization of the Invisible Powers on November 8th: the Salvage Emails: The Update

Watching the DNC Campaign Directives part II:

This may sound crazy but keep an open mind. The info was discovered in a downloadable document ( 7,945 more words

The Foundation Of Salvation


What does this country need?
When it comes to economic solutions I prefer Marx- Groucho, not Karl- who said what this country needs is a good ten-cent nickel. 946 more words


Why the Jews called Jerusalem, or the Mount of Salome or Selene, their Holy city

The Jews called Jerusalem their Holy city because it was a sacred site of moon worshipers. Salome is named after the Greek moon Goddess Selene and so the name Jerusalem means ‘the mountain of the moon’.(Jeru meaning mount in Hebrew) This is also  what the name Mt Sinai means  as Sin was the name of the Babylon moon God. 613 more words

Visitation (discussion questions)

Here are the discussion questions that accompany my message, “Visitation,” from this past weekend at Eastbrook Church. This is the second part of our series, “ 385 more words



I continued the “Beginnings” series this weekend at Eastbrook Church by looking at the moving story of Mary found in Luke 1:26-56. My biggest challenges were addressing a passage that we all know so well while also covering a lot of important passages at once, from the annunciation to the… 141 more words


John the Baptist

If a homeless person came to your church and handed you a visitor’s card, what would you do? Would you be offended? Annoyed? Would you find it a paradoxical and poetic? 291 more words

John The Baptist

Strength in Humility

John the Baptist: camel hair clothing, locust and honey diet, fiery rhetoric; what a strong personality shaped by the power of the Holy Spirit! Yet to me, it is John’s humility that stands out. 715 more words