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Who was John Titor, the 'time traveller' who came from 2036 to warn us of a nuclear war?

Time travel has always been a source of great fascination. Today’s needull is about a self-professed time traveller from 2036 – John Titor.

And then there was his reason for travelling.

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Titor, Trump, and Time Traveling - The Paranormies Present: The Ahnenerbe Hour Episode 25

Who was John Titor? Where and what time was he from? What did he have to do with The God Emperor? Guest Fash Gordon from This Week In White Genocide stops by to discuss all this and more! 13 more words

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The John Titor Legend: An Update from Pamela

After reading my book Who Authored the John Titor Legend? Pamela Moore reached out to me.

Pamela is described in the book as follows:

No poster interacted with John Titor as frequently or as intimately as Pamela Moore.

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The High Diver

Over the years, there have been many online discussions concerning TimeTravel_0 and they typically fall into the following general categories:

  • Was John Titor real?
  • Which predictions did he get right/wrong?
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2.5% of Trump

Since the recent elections, I have been inundated with numerous emails and other comments asking what the election of Donald Trump must mean within the context of the TimeTravel_0 posts. 1,496 more words

"John Titor" Manusia Tahun 2036


       Masih sekitar kontroversi manusia penjelajah waktu yang beberapa waktu lalu ditayangkan disebuah televisi nasional, setelah sebelumnya attazkiyah media memuat tulisan tentang Terkuaknya Misteri Wanita Penjelajah Waktu , yang ternyta hanyalah sebuah isapan jempol semata, dimana hal tersebut dibuktikan sendiri oleh salah seorang cicit keturunan siwanita dalam tayangan video youtube, dampak pengakuan ini akhirnya memaksa youtube menutup tayangan video kontroversi tersebut. 1,528 more words


John Titor 11 - Time Traveler ?

I’ll let you decide and hold my judgments till I get back.