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The 'Time Traveler' John Titor

John TitorĀ was supposedly a time traveler who posted on internet forums somewhere between 2000 and April of 2001. He claimed to have come from the year 2036 and needed to retrieveĀ an IBM 5100 in order to debug the computers of his time. 106 more words


Secret Squirrel Comments On Time Travel.

Secret Squirrel Comments On Time Travel.

Secret Squirrel has seen sensational headlines,interesting
headlines,controversial headlines, on the
curious, fascinating, and interesting subject of time
travel. Indeed, were Stephen Hawking here I would… 1,365 more words

The Seriously Political-Humor Of Secret Squirrel

John Titor - Time Traveler or Akashic Browser? - Corinna Underwood - 5-6-08

by Corinna Underwood



The story of John Titor is fascinating. No one is certain whether this mysterious character was a time traveler, was accessing the Akashic records, or participated in a very clever hoax. 1,075 more words

The Disappointing Truth About John Titor, Internet Time Traveler

After many years of hoaxes, it’s finally October 21st, 2015 – the day Marty McFly went to in Back to the Future 2. Alas, Robert Zemeckis’ vision of a world of hoverboards and the… 1,071 more words

Incredible Imagery

Once Upon A Time Traveller

There are a lot of occurrences that happens in reality that are being asked for an explanation. Men of Science already dared to go beyond the limitations of their expertise but failed to convince the many.

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My top five of the Fortean Slip episodes.

Oh i know what you’re thinking; Richard! The Fortean Slip is way too awesome to have just a top 5 ranking list. I agree completely but a blog pointing out each episode and what made them good would take way too long so I’m forced to be cruel and pick only five to talk about today :(. 971 more words