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John Titor

1 February 2001, 0836

In the early days of the twenty-first century, a self-proclaimed time traveler from the year 2036 arrived online. As the title of this essay suggests, what I’ve chosen to discuss today pertains to John Titor’s post for 1 February 2001, 0836 in the morning. 377 more words

Unresolved: John Titor, Time Traveler From The Future

Previously: Karin Catherine Waldegrave

Okay. I’ve put it off for long enough. We’re finally going to talk about John Titor, time traveler from the future. 2,901 more words


John Titor: A Self-Proclaimed Time Traveler

It’s 2.20 am now and I’m freaking writing a script for a presentation that I’m not even sure if it’ll happen. Also, I have a paper that is due tomorrow… What the hell am I doing… Uh well, let’s write it anyway. 634 more words



John Titor is the name used on several bulletin boards during 2000 and 2001 by a poster claiming to be a military time traveler from 2036. 105 more words


Who was John Titor, the 'time traveller' who came from 2036 to warn us of a nuclear war?

Time travel has always been a source of great fascination. Today’s needull is about a self-professed time traveller from 2036 – John Titor.

And then there was his reason for travelling.

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The John Titor Legend: An Update from Pamela

After reading my book Who Authored the John Titor Legend? Pamela Moore reached out to me.

Pamela is described in the book as follows:

No poster interacted with John Titor as frequently or as intimately as Pamela Moore.

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