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Girl is a Bum & Your Idea: Go Big or Go Home

I’m still trying to find a good yoga studio here in my new home of Silver Spring, Maryland. My new idea is to join the neighborhood fitness center two blocks away from my apartment. 995 more words

Eva Langston

Mastering the art of fine writing

Writing-craft manuals never cease to impress the Fairfield Writer’s Blog (FWB) with their penchant for coining new names for timeless elements of storytelling, and for enumerating those elements. 440 more words

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Chicken & Yogurt, or, How Making Lists Can Help You Write

Recently I went to Mexico for five weeks, leaving my dear husband at home to fend for himself. He did a pretty good job. After all, he… 1,044 more words

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The Panty Drawer - Designing Principle

So here’s my next big discovery as I wander through structure and method: Designing Principle. Hang on to your hats, folks: this is deep stuff. I LOVE IT. 1,115 more words

Panty Drawer

The power of a visual over verbal character revelation

If you are going to write a script and stick to the so called ‘classic structure’ then your character will have an arc, they will change, they will have a revelation, and use this new found knowledge about themselves in Act 3. 633 more words