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The Absolute Best Advice on Creating Characters

Who is this guy? Why should I be taking this kind of advice from a nobody? Those are the questions that may very well have gone through your mind since you read this post’s title. 635 more words


Foreword: On Screenwriting

Rule 1. Don’t publish your first screenplay.

Rule 2. Don’t publish your second screenplay.

Rule 3. Practice makes perfect.

Rule 4. It will never be perfect. 968 more words


Clin d'oeil

‘Faire un clin d’oeil’ – literally to wink, figuratively to give a nod – is to reference another author or artist in a way that pays tribute to his or her work. 315 more words


John Truby, New Epic (заметки с лекции)

Я нежно люблю дедушку Труби и обожаю эпос как жанр. Мне нравится его масштаб и его эмоциональный заряд. Это, пожалуй, одна из тем, котрые я буду слушать у Труби на сайте, вместе с драмой и мифом.

Novels In Three Acts . . . More Or Less

Some writing instructors insist on a particular story structure: there must be three acts and between each, a door of no return.

Screenwriters use this formulaic structure, and many novelists have adapted it. 719 more words