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Year One: Complete the First Draft of a Novel-Length Piece of Fiction

This morning I settled on my first year’s task: complete the first draft of a novel-length piece of fiction.

I’ve started novels before. And novellas. And short stories. 514 more words

(Video) Writing Character For Film and Television - A Film Courage Screenwriting Series

Film Courage have compiled numerous interviews into a single topic: writing character for features and series. The subjects covered include:


Brainstorming, Plotting, and the Structured Chaos That Is Writing

currently playing on my laptop: River by Leon Bridges

Helloooo people who might want to peek into another writer’s arsenal and new writers just boarding the rollercoaster that is publishing! 374 more words


Portrait of a Villain

Today I’d like to talk about Evil. Actually, let’s not forget some other important qualities our villains have… Hatred. Corruption. That dark and fetid poison of the soul that leads one to the lowest levels of depravity. 992 more words


Inside Out - Review

For this post, I thought I’d do something a little different.  I wanted to take a literary peek at Inside Out, the Disney-Pixar movie. 589 more words


Girl is a Bum & Your Idea: Go Big or Go Home

I’m still trying to find a good yoga studio here in my new home of Silver Spring, Maryland. My new idea is to join the neighborhood fitness center two blocks away from my apartment. 995 more words

Eva Langston

Mastering the art of fine writing

Writing-craft manuals never cease to impress the Fairfield Writer’s Blog (FWB) with their penchant for coining new names for timeless elements of storytelling, and for enumerating those elements. 440 more words

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