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Do you have a designing principle?

I’m currently battling with writing an outline, bored of spending my (meagre) writing time chasing plot bunnies through ever-deepening warrens. Going back to outlining is kind of a spiral in itself. 168 more words


(Screen)writing 101: Good Dialogue Is Not “Realistic”

“Dialogue is among the most misunderstood of writing tools. One misconception has to do with dialogue’s function in the story: most writers ask their dialogue to do the heavy lifting, the work that the story structure should do. 130 more words


Writing Tips: Plotting Your Story

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Hey all! It’s time for another Saturday writing tips video! This one gives you some practical advice on how to get started plotting. I hope you enjoy it!


(Video) Writing Character For Film and Television - A Film Courage Screenwriting Series

Film Courage have compiled numerous interviews into a single topic: writing character for features and series. The subjects covered include:


Brainstorming, Plotting, and the Structured Chaos That Is Writing

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Helloooo people who might want to peek into another writer’s arsenal and new writers just boarding the rollercoaster that is publishing! 374 more words