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Clin d'oeil

‘Faire un clin d’oeil’ – literally to wink, figuratively to give a nod – is to reference another author or artist in a way that pays tribute to his or her work. 315 more words


John Truby, New Epic (заметки с лекции)

Я нежно люблю дедушку Труби и обожаю эпос как жанр. Мне нравится его масштаб и его эмоциональный заряд. Это, пожалуй, одна из тем, котрые я буду слушать у Труби на сайте, вместе с драмой и мифом.

Novels In Three Acts . . . More Or Less

Some writing instructors insist on a particular story structure: there must be three acts and between each, a door of no return.

Screenwriters use this formulaic structure, and many novelists have adapted it. 719 more words


Building Main Characters

Making characters relatable to the reader is key to a story’s success. It’s the protagonist who’ll take action and incite sympathy in readers, propel the story forwards, and resolve the plot. 769 more words

Character & Characteristics