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Sherlock Holmes: The Rediscovered Railway Mysteries-John Taylor

This was my first attempt at an audio book. I will be honest right from the get-go in stating that if Benedict Cumberbatch was not the reader, I may not have made this purchase. 132 more words


“I’m not gay”, or: what Coupling teaches us about John Watson’s sexuality

I’ve always been a bit conflicted when it comes to John saying “I’m not gay.” I do believe that John has feelings for Sherlock, because the evidence is overwhelming. 436 more words

John Watson

TAB is a prelude to Johnlock

I’ve seen some disappointed reactions to The Abominable Bride on tumblr, at least in the sense of Johnlockiness. We had all, of course, hoped for something big: a kiss, an almost-kiss, a declaration of love. 649 more words

Jim Moriarty

The Day They Met

Wendy C. Fries pondered the concept that the friendship between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson is something that would exist across time.  That it was something that was meant to be.  111 more words

The Ultimate Johnlock Playlist

There’s been a lot of these lately (Well, in my lifetime.) So I was thinking, why not add to the list? I’m happy to add to the list. 311 more words

Cinematic Orchestra