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Boredom+Despair=The Syringe

I open my eyes. Though I am feeling better, the burden of the conversation I must have with you weighs heavily upon me. What I wouldn’t do for a fix. 126 more words

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A Tale of Two Doctors-To Serve and Protect

Doctor Strange looked down at John, analyzing him. Though he looked frail and thin, Doctor Strange knew better. He closed his eyes, imagining Doctor Watson twenty pounds heavier, strong, tan, handsome. 79 more words

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New release: A Murmuring of Bees — Mortal words

Improbable Press has a new anthology of Holmes/Watson romance stories, celebrating the celebrated sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his biographer, friend and (in these stories) lover John Watson.

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What to Expect from Sherlock Season 4

The latest season of BBC’s hit series Sherlock will hopefully be gracing our television screens this January, and just when we thought things couldn’t get any more dramatic than The Reichenbach Fall or His Last Vow, the writers have promised to deliver us a dark, gut-wrenching fourth season of Sherlock. 932 more words


Topside-New Chapter in An Affair to Remember

Sherlock’s hand shook when he opened the bottle and fished out one white pill. Just one for John? Maybe I should take one too, just to settle my nerves and to clarify my thinking processes. 47 more words

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A Tale of Two Doctors Strange and Watson


Click here to read A tale of two Doctors-Doctor Watson and Doctor Strange

A silken voice reached out through the darkness. “Doctor John Hamish Watson, tell me why you have come to study at Kathmandu?” 168 more words

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