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Heartbeak Grass-Sherlock Fanfic

John’s been in solitary for two weeks now. I miss him. I need him. I am lost without my blogger. I watch each session through a two-way mirror. 109 more words

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Fanciful Musings-Sherlock/London Spy Fanfic

The scent of copper filled Mycroft’s nostrils.  I’m close. Then he stopped when he almost stumbled on the figure that attempted to hide in the grass. 49 more words

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To Sleep Perchance to Dream-Sherlock Fanfic

Sherlock sat hunched over his laptop, reading through county record after county record, muttering. Then he stopped, leaned forward and frowned.

“What is it?

“Wiggins, shut up, I’m concentrating.” 119 more words

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 Sherlock holmes took his bottle from the corner of the mantelpiece, and his hypodermic syringe from its morocco case…



“You have a brother?”
I must admit to some surprise when I first heard of the enigmatic “Mycroft Holmes.” Until Holmes mentioned him one morning, as we were lounging in the sitting room after breakfast waiting for a client to reappear, I had assumed my friend had relations. 174 more words


Breached-Sherlock/London Spy Fanfic

Danny crept alongside the fence, hoping the carcass of the dead rabbit still lay near the fence, where he’d seen it from the drive. He took a quick inventory of his pilfered supplies, Mycroft’s plush robe and terry belt, a wooden spoon, a pair of scissors, a pen light, and several rubber condoms. 178 more words

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Frequencies-Sherlock Fanfic

I observe Molly when she comes into the room. Her hair hangs in tendrils around her face, making her appear like an anime character gone wrong—her eyes too kind and round. 112 more words

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