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Pachyderms Sitting in Rooms

The room becomes crowded,

As the new guest arrives.

I duly instruct the beast,

To seat himself quietly.

His mass strains the floor.

Heavy breath fogs glass. 79 more words


Louisiana Charters Are by Far the Worst According to 2011 8th-grade NAEP Anaysis

One of the primary problems with Louisiana’s state-run, all-charter Recovery School District (RSD) is that the same state that is in control of data (and the official word on its data) is also committed to representing its state-run district in the best light. 1,225 more words

High-stakes Testing

Standing on A Corner

in the time that I’ve occupied

this corner between sixth

and road to nowhere

I’ve been gassed by buses,

accosted by street preachers,

blasted with terrible music, 41 more words


Rome Burns

I will fiddle while all

about me Rome burns

I will find my slumber

while derelict of my duties

I will leave the post

to which I am assigned… 63 more words


River of Death

treading carefully

observing every step

testing each patch of ground

while eying the horizon

this journey alongside

this river of death

can only continue

for the cautious… 19 more words


Fill the Space

there is a space that exists

it stands hollow and empty

it is somewhere in your room

in a conversation

a lacking in your life… 75 more words


The Page

the line became blurred

some time way back

between the page

and my life

I live the moments

I do

I finish

I accomplish

I do all life calls for… 39 more words