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All There Is

love has yet to come here and stay

but to keep loving is all there is

success hides itself from me

but to keep working is all there is… 34 more words


Choosing Oppression

dear one, you will be overcome

but only from time to time

in those hours fraught with

this new manacling oppression

take solace in those instances… 20 more words


I Almost Knew Him

through years we had

established friendship

constant talks, hours

of comforting company

but life interfered as

it has a habit of doing

and transformed friendship… 39 more words


Young Poet

flipping through the digital

pages of a website dedicated

to poetry, I see a gem that

thoroughly catches my eye:

a “young” poet is someone… 80 more words


Getting There

they start out at home, I suppose

going this way and that way

heading wherever they’re headed

often it appears they’ll never

make it to their destinations… 75 more words


Board Rooms

there may be a desire to screw

over the brain-dead Republicans

or to give what’s coming to

those moronic Democrats

kick the Tea Party in the nuts… 103 more words


Remembered By Strangers

it is, as well it should be,

assumed that loved ones

of all stripes from friends

to family will remember

but searching as I am for… 17 more words