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Fear of Death

of death, what is there to fear

is it all that remains unknown

is it in the pain and suffering

is it its cold, calculating nature… 22 more words


All We Need

you are the warmth on my face,

the breeze brushing my skin,

the cooling storm on a hot day,

the shade in the patch of woods, 23 more words


This Mood

This mood –

whether pensive

or melancholic

has overcome me

so completely

I must either

make my peace

or soon take my rest


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The Pit

happiness –

I don’t even know what

that means anymore

contentment –

to me that sounds

like some made-up word

direction –

I have enough of that… 61 more words


What Inspired Me This Week - Edition 16

Here are some things that I read, listened to, or watched this week that I really enjoyed, inspired and / or challenged me. I want to share them with you in the hope they will do the same for you. 436 more words


"The Blueness" by The Blueness

Day 19 of the May Month of Madness Marathon for NZ Music Month comes from Dunedin’s retro-futurist space-pop group The Blueness.

Their only album “Ravendah Dream” is an excellent cartoon-colourful space fantasy, merging a bit of glam rock with a bit of spacey synth-pop. 155 more words

Pop Lib


I hate that you own that part of me

I hate that I can’t break free of you

I hate your eyes – they entrap me… 38 more words