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The Address to One of America's Biggest "What Ifs"

Finding something previously lost in Albany history really isn’t that rare when you think about it. With 400 years of European history stomping around these streets, there are bound to be little nuggets that fall through the cracks of those old granite setts. 942 more words


Alice Gray: Successful Partnerships

This is the second installment in a series about actress, Alice Gray. Gray’s photograph was one of the five discovered upon the body of John Wilkes Booth when he was cornered and killed on April 26, 1865. 2,964 more words

Booth Family

Alice Gray: An Actress is Born

As John Wilkes Booth was running from the authorities after assassinating President Abraham Lincoln, he carried with him a total of five carte-de-visite photographs. These photographs were placed safely in a wallet like pocket of Booth’s diary as he struggled through swamp and stream, darkness and dawn, for 12 long days. 2,534 more words

Booth Family

John Wilkes Booth's Richard III

NOTE: The live event has already occurred but you can still watch a video of the production embedded below.

Tonight (2/2/2016) at 7:00 pm CST (8:00 pm EST) a very special staged reading of Shakespeare’s… 469 more words


A notorious (Shakespearean!) king played by a notorious actor-turned-assassin...!

John Wilkes Booth may have assassinated Abraham Lincoln, but prior to that he was a noted Shakespearean actor, who “…framed his King Richard as a very tragic and even sympathetic figure, more so than the character is originally.” 9 more words

John Wilkes Booth's "Mysterious Beauty"

“Some Photographs of Females”

After John Wilkes Booth was shot and pulled from the Garretts’ burning tobacco barn, his body was subjected to a search. While the assassin of President Lincoln lay paralyzed and dying on the front porch of the Garrett farmhouse, the detectives rifled through his pockets, removing pieces of evidence. 2,869 more words

John Wilkes Booth

From Flotsam to Cherished Artifact: 1864 Playbill Provides Glimpse into Daily Life of Ford’s Theatre

The recent production of The Guard at Ford’s Theatre isn’t the first time guards have been featured on the stage at Tenth Street NW. In July 1864—nine months before Lincoln’s assassination halted productions at Ford’s for 100 years—John T. 859 more words

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