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Fictional Characters I Would Totally Fuck – Part 4: The Winchesters

If you’re anything like me (a slut), lusting after one character in a fictional universe just isn’t enough. This is especially true if those characters are well-developed, have strong voices, plenty of conflict, and interesting plots to follow. 1,670 more words

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It all started as a game on the SUPERNATURAL set. The director was Phil Sgriccia. He crew was working on Everybody Loves a Clown (2.02 ) Sgricca placed two folding chairs together and when the boys arrived Sgriccia pointed out the empty chairs. 716 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester

Supernatural Hellatus Relief, Part 15

Here is part one in case you’re just hitting this site and Here is part 15


 Sam, Dean, and Cas enter Hell and make their way to the seventh level. 2,453 more words


Supernatural Hellatus Relief - Darkness Rising, Part 15

Here is part 14


Sam, Dean, and Cas enter Hell and make their way to the seventh level. Sam hears Lucifer.





The Garden… 2,444 more words


Series Review: Supernatural Season 1 (2005)

Rating: 8.5/10

Supernatural really is part of the staple diet for people who enjoy a good show. It provides an interesting story line, well developed plot lines and a great cast. 363 more words


Okay, I can see where all this is heading now?

Sam started to have visions, and we were not sure WHY?

Sam put two and two together and thought it might be GOD trying to contact him, but he doesn’t know why? 354 more words

Sam And Dean Winchester

Supernatural Darkness Rising, part 13

Decided I’d keep going with this even though Supernatural season 11 has started (and in such an amazing way!), especially since waiting even a week for a new episode is a little mini-hellatus all unto itself. 5,116 more words