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Jeffrey Dean Morgan Has Something to Say On A Return to The CW's Supernatural

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Jeffrey Dean Morgan has been a heart transplant patient in Grey’s Anatomy, the husband of Nancy Botwin in Weeds… 355 more words


Sunday's Wisdom #135: A Father's Job

“He saved you.”

“Yeah, and you know what he got for that? Me whining about how much he embarrassed me. Me telling him that I hated him. 417 more words

Sunday's Wisdom



1×14 || 12×18

Considering his own background it’s remarkable how little Sam understands abusive family dynamics.

If I may add on a bit, I think Sam’s lack of understanding when he meets people like Max (I didn’t see 12×18 so can’t comment) is because John wasn’t the same kind of abusive as Max’s father and uncle.

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Ugly Duckling

An explanation for beauty.

Fluff: ++

Angst: ++

Smut: +

Overall Rating: +++

Read it here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/5958


Lucille finally makes her appearance on Supernatural!


$20 says we will see Lucille eventually in Supernatural. I’m really hoping it’s a zombie episode.

Only took us four months but we finally got it!

Someone owes us $20!


That Time Our Supernatural/The Walking Dead Crossover Dreams Came True...

When Jeffrey Dean Morgan arrived on The Walking Dead, Supernatural fans knew that nothing good could come from Daddy Winchester. So when Jensen Ackles and JDM started tweeting our crossover dreams, we could only sit back and enjoy! 9 more words

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