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Podcast of DE PTA Yvonne Johnson on WDEL, Hear A Caller Call Mark Murphy A Sycophant

The Rick Jensen show on WDEL today had Rick interviewing Delaware PTA’s very own Yvonne Johnson.  The two discussed House Bill 50, standardized tests, common core and more.  70 more words

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Historic Photo: John Young's jump-salute on the surface of the Moon, 1972.

This photo is very famous and many people have seen it, but it’s worth looking at again, and not just because this week marks the 43rd anniversary of the launch of Apollo 16, the mission on which it was taken. 354 more words


John Young’s Apollo 16 Flown Robbins Medal

Flown sterling silver Apollo 16 Robbins medal, approximately 1.5″ in diameter, with a raised design of the Apollo 16 mission insignia on the face and engraved on the reverse with the launch date of April 16, 1972, moon landing date of April 20, 1972, and return date of April 27, 1972. 108 more words

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Espresso & Sandwiches in Space (a new poem)

Last year, I drafted a poem about one of my favorite Gemini anecdotes — astronaut John Young’s pastrami sandwich (procured by Wally Schirra, I believe) smuggled aboard Gemini III and shared briefly in zero gravity with Gus Grissom. 199 more words

New Psychedelia: Interpretive Learning Guide - Publication Review

By Laura Duffy


Artists: Belle Bassin, Damiano Bertoli, Geoff Kleem, Nike Savvas, Nick Selenitsch, Kate Shaw, Noel Skrzpczak, John Young

7Th May – 3rd July 2011… 339 more words

Laura Duffy

Space food anniversaries: the first sandwich in space

Last week the world commemorated fifty years since the first space walk. Today we should be rejoicing in the less known – but for space food enthusiasts far more significant – 50th anniversary of the very first Earth food-as-we-know-it to appear in the United States’ space programme: a corned beef sandwich. 381 more words



March 23rd in history:

Two pioneers of speed were born on March 23rd: Roger Bannister (1925), the first man to run a four-minute mile, and driver Craig Breedlove (1937), who was the first man to break a number of land-speed records. 125 more words

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