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That’s where I began to ask questions that maybe don’t have one specific answer. And the more people you get answers from, the richer the environment becomes. 6 more words

John Zorn


John Zorn is perhaps best known for his avant-garde group Naked City, which played a jarring fusion of free jazz, punk rock, and movie themes.  But this is only one of John’s many diverse creative outlets.  134 more words

Christian Marclay Swiss American artist and composer

Christian Marclay, in full Christian Ernest Marclay   (born January 11, 1955, San Rafael, California, U.S.), Swiss American visual artist and composer whose multidisciplinary work encompassed performance, sculpture, and video. 526 more words

Performance Art

Vinyl Enthusiast

I only have about 80 records, 60 of which were purchased before 1990.  It would be difficult to call myself a collector with this track record.   313 more words


Some of My Favorite (Recorded) Things of 2015

Here are records that were released in 2015 (except where noted) that I found myself repeatedly listening to and really enjoying. I can’t vouch that these are the best albums of the year, but I sure like them. 1,585 more words



Much is made of Norway’s Shining (not to be confused with the Swedish band of the same name) and their blending of extreme metal and jazz. 498 more words

Burning Ambulance

Butch Morris - Current Trends In Racism In Modern America (A Work In Progress) (1986)

Butch Morris: conduction, composition
John Zorn: alto sax, game calls
Frank Lowe: tenor sax
Tom Cora: cello
Zeena Parkins: harp
Brandon Ross: guitar
Curtis Clark: piano… 26 more words

Free Jazz