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You Are Hated

Do you concede the notion that you are hated?  Seriously, have you ever settled yourself enough to acknowledge that you are detested, and then to understand… 392 more words

Spiritually Speaking

When I Met Jesus: Ema Massey


“What is it you seek?” Whether we know it or not, we are all seeking something. . There is something intrinsic in our make-up that desires to know why we are here and what is our purpose. 198 more words

SUNDAY'S WORD:"A Time Of Change"

   Mark 1:14-15 

There will come a time that, very soon, the season of summer will change to fall; The leaves will change its colors from green to red, orange and gold, and then the weather will get a bit colder with each passing day…And after that, fall will change into winter. 936 more words


Old Friends

“Can I speak to John, please? Dr. O’Reilly here. It’s important, yes, and it’s urgent.”

Henry frowned at a fly which was making its way across the mahogany surface aiming for the half eaten almond croissant willing it to drop dead before it reached its target. 1,026 more words


Red Dead Redemption: Review

If you ever had a grandpa, a dad, or maybe you grew up with westerns, you know what makes a good western. The guns, shootouts, horses, as well as duels. 847 more words



If you were a sign

what would you say?


Indulge me here

What is the loudest thing about you?

What does your life shout? 329 more words


Shad goes back to Bluebell

Planes, trains and automobiles.  John is an enthusiast of all things fast and roaring.  That must be why he loves me so much!  Ok ok, I’m not that fast, but I do roar a lot when I’m trying to get my point across, as I explained to the handsome black labrodor on the platform at Bluebell Railway the other day.  363 more words

Shadow On Tour