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Robin Williams on Last Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

My way of keeping Robin Williams’ memory in the forefront. Not that it will ever be easy to or ever forget Robin Williams.

Robin Williams last appearance on Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 5/21/92… 38 more words


Where were you… in ’72?

During that auspicious year, I returned to Canada after assistant teaching for two school terms in Peru. My newly acquired Spanish language skills helped me land “my dream job” with a Canadian airline. 404 more words


Is it cold Out Mr. Carson?

“It is so cold.”

“How cold is it?”

“It is sooo cold, the dogs only do quickies outside.”

“I’m not shovelling the walkway Mr. Carson!!”

Barry Aulis

The Dog It Was That Died

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself”

Josh Billings

You’d never think you’d get so attached to a dog but you do. 456 more words


And the Question is

“Siss, boom, baah!”

“Describe the sound made when a sheep explodes”.

Carnac the Magnificent


Jimmy Fallon’s Having Fun

Jimmy Fallon has been hosting “The Tonight Show” for a year now and I came across an article about that. It’s a posting from “The Today Show” writing about how Fallon has changed late night programming for the better. 212 more words