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Vincent Price Cooks Trout In Dishwasher

By Sybil

In this old(er) video from the Johnny Carson Show, Vincent Price shows Johnny how to cook trout in the dishwasher. I highly recommend leaving the dirty dishes and the detergent out of this equation. 40 more words


Joan Rivers Confidential

Books that focus on the history of comedy tend to be something that makes reading so much fun for me. I think anybody who is known for making a living over the course of many years with their sense of humor are greatly talented individuals. 281 more words


The Radio Dan Show: Mark Malkoff

 Dan welcomes Mark Malkoff to the show to discuss his show, The Carson Podcast. Mark talks about his experiences interviewing  guests like legends Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, what caused his Carson interest, and as much Johnny Carson talk as can be crammed in a one hour show. 28 more words

Paul Lisnek's - "Behind the Curtain": A Cast of Thousands….All in the Person of Legendary Impersonator Rich Little

This week brings you a special “Behind the Curtain,” as Paul talks one-on-one with legendary impersonator Rich Little. The man of a thousand voices, Rich tells many stories about some of the greatest celebrities of our times. 96 more words


Agreeing to disagree

I can’t recall the radio station but I’m thinking it was Q107 in Toronto and they were doing a version of Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent, divining answers to unknown questions. 599 more words


Wednesday Trivia Question

What fast food chain used Mr. Rodney, an obvious Mr. Rogers parody, in commercials during the mid-80s? 196 more words

Wednesday Trivia Question

Daily Ramblings - Daily Quote - Funny Quote

All, I’ve decided to move my Ted Talks and Funny Quotes to Sunday. It’s a good day to have a giggle and enjoy a nice video that I’ve hand-picked over a nice cup of coffee or tea, with some of your favorite music playing in the background. 231 more words