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Did Edward Durston kill Carol Wayne and Art Linkletter’s daughter?

If you watched the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson during the Seventies, you may remember sexy Carol Wayne. 156 more words


Carol Wayne

Carol Wayne (September 6, 1942 – January 13, 1985) was a television actress of the 1960s and 1970s, best remembered for her re-occurring role as “The Matinee Lady” on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson. 34 more words


Watching The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson On Antenna T.V.

In a Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson from 1984 (comedian Rich Hall, apparently not asked to sit down with Carson, talked of the Olympics coming to town, which they did to L.A. 95 more words

Television Notes, Johnny Carson Interviews Georgia Frontiere

In a Johnny Carson Tonight how from 1982, that aired on Antenna T.V. last night, it was interesting to see and hear the views, 34 years back on women’s involvement in sports. 110 more words

Thanks for the Memory, Bob Hope--Now Goodbye

There was a time when the name “Burbank” was nationally recognized.  The TV comedy show “Laugh-In” and The Tonight Show host Johnny Carson made Burbank a household name referencing it with the popular mocking proclamation, “Welcome to Beautiful Downtown Burbank!” 726 more words


A Question From the Late Great Johnny Carson - Are You Ready for Success?

In 1975, he was the highest paid entertainer in the world.

But Johnny Carson didn’t believe in hording his wealth, choosing to give up to $2 million a year to charity. 570 more words

Leading A Better Life