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Sleepy Hollow

1999’s Sleepy Hollow marked the beginning of the end for director Tim Burton. While its successor, Burton’s ill-fated Planet of the Apes remake, demonstrated that, without a doubt, a once-promising cinematic voice had been devoured by the Hollywood machine, … 372 more words

Dreams and Nightmares Month: Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) Review

There is a great originality to Nightmare on Elm Street. The idea of your own nightmares being able to kill you is a fantastic one and a concept rich with creativity. 488 more words


Ninth Gate – When Alexandre Dumas isn’t sexy enough for your movie

What up, Buttercups?

Ninth Gate. I never thought this film could be any more controversial than having Roman Polanski at the helm. But here we are. 1,284 more words


Monday's Movie Trailer: 'Murder On The Orient Express'

Growing up, I remember this version of “Murder On the Orient Express.”

But, since it’s 2017 and it seems like Hollywood is trying to remake everything, there’s a new version of the film coming out this November. 32 more words


Halloween Must-Watch Movies (Part 2 - Scary Edition!)

Welcome to part two of Halloween Must-Watch Movies (you can read part one here )!This part will feature scarier movies, so is probably more suitable for adults. 626 more words

Johnny Depp

Transcendence (2014) - An Ambitious Bore

My disappointment after watching Transcendence was compounded by the lingering feeling that it could’ve been a lot better due to its intriguing premise.  The concept of a human conscience being transferred to an AI system can be taken in various interesting directions, but here it’s squandered by bland characters and a script that gives trite, cursory treatment to themes of human identity and technology’s effects on society.  170 more words


Trump's Art of the Steal movie

What is Trump doing with alienating Republicans and so many this week? He’s just doing what he wrote about: bid high, It’s the Art of the Steal. 99 more words