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Original Fan4stic Reboot Story 

Hello Everyone! 

I got another Fan4stic post for you, this one is a lot shorter and is all about some of the original ideas for the Fantastic Four Reboot and being honest what they had planned for the movie was a lot better than the mess we actually got last year…  155 more words


Bonus Pin-Up Thursday!

Since it’s my first day back after two years, let’s kick the regular programming off with the King. I’, not sure where this is from, but I believe it’s from 1966. 21 more words


Identity Crisis Part One

Since Britain, by a small majority, voted to leave the EU I thought I was having some kind of national identity crisis, or an existential crisis. 776 more words

Comic Books

Fantastic Four 6

When last we left the Fantastic Four, they had just met and defeated Dr Doom for the first time. So in what will soon be a Marvel tradition, we get a team-up of villains in issue 6. 1,045 more words

Jack Kirby

Fantastic Four 5

Following on from the introduction of Namor in the last issue, we move on to the introduction of the villain most commonly associated with the Fantastic Four, Dr Doom. 1,127 more words

Jack Kirby