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Actor Trading Cards: Michael B. Jordan


Born: February 9, 1987 in Santa Ana, CA
Height: 6’0

Personal Quote:

“I want to do everything. I’m a producer at heart. Eventually, when I can produce the way I want to, my acting’s going to help fuel that. 301 more words


The Right and Wrong Way to Change a Character's Race

So, I heard about this live-action Ghost in the Shell movie that’s in the works, starring Scarlett Johansson in the lead role as “the Major.” I am mildly intrigued by this possibility, but I didn’t think about it much until I heard… 1,203 more words

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Fantastic Four – good potential ruined by in-fighting and bad press

Fox’s much maligned Fantastic Four reboot turned out to be better than expected when I watched it earlier this week. It had received horrible reviews (Metacritic score of only 27) and has made less at the US box office in 42 days of release than the first… 1,141 more words


Fantastic Four: The Opposite of Fantastic

Well I don’t want to kick a film when it’s down. But Fantastic Four is every bit the disaster we’ve been led to believe.
Playing spot-the-reshoot notwithstanding, there’s plenty of evidence of studio panic in the editing suite the likes of which we’ve probably not seen since the Ralph Fiennes/Uma Thurman misguided update of The Avengers in the 90’s. 161 more words


Fantastic 4 (2015) Review

Fantastic 4 (2015) Review

Hello everyone! Shane here with a little bit of a late review, but better late than never I suppose! I’m here reviewing none other than the Fox reboot of the Fantastic 4. 1,124 more words


Fantastic Four Review

Over the weekend, my younger sister and I went to go see “Fantastic Four.” As a huge comic nerd in high school (who still very much reveres the universe of comic books, even if they haven’t been my go-to reading material in the past few years), I was supremely excited for the film reboot of these characters. 797 more words

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