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AUTUMN ELECTRIC – “RIDING THE ROGO” (Live @ Columbia City Theater, Seattle WA  April 3, 2014

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (one day early, as tomorrow is Valentine’s Day):  Some bands just ‘have’ you.   697 more words

Johnny Unicorn: A Bit of History

Earlier today, before a quick hike in the Rockies with my kids, I asked Johnny Unicorn (in reality: John Adams; but not the former president) to give me a bit of history of himself.   503 more words

Progressive Rock Music

"Angels In the Oort Cloud" - a new album by Johnny Unicorn

If you’re reading this before August 20th, please watch this video:

And purchase the album here: https://johnnyunicorn.bandcamp.com/album/angels-in-the-oort-cloud

A history of “Angels In the Oort Cloud” 783 more words

Johnny Unicorn

Johnny Unicorn and Jam Unit 2013 Tour part five: Budgeting

It sure is odd to write a tour blog about an old tour while on a different tour. But it MUST be done.

Minneapolis was our next stop. 348 more words

Johnny Unicorn

Seattle’s Autumn Electric: Reigniting the Love of the Album

Originally posted on Nada Mucho here. Written by Adrienne Marie.

When I learned to listen to music – and I mean really listen to a full album, front to back, taking it in as the artist meant it to be heard – the music changed me. 762 more words


128 Thoughts On the Big Football Game

First of all, here’s a link to my latest release, a completely free-to-download 128 song EP:


You may be asking yourself why someone like me, a person dedicated to a life of non-competition, would write a set of 128 songs based on the names of a bunch of people who play a competitive sport I don’t particularly care for. 913 more words

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JU Summer Tour 2013 Part Four: Remembering People's Names in North Dakota

North Dakota, the West-midwest. From Bozeman to Bismarck is a long, tedious drive. We had to rise early in order to make it on time to our show at Rhythm Records. 851 more words

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