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Point Break (2016) Review

Once you have got through the top layer of Point Break, which is a movie of poor quality, there is actually a pretty good movie underneath.  494 more words


The Fifty Year Storm: One Woman's Journey Through the Point Break Experience

When 2016 began, I had never heard of Point Break. How this classic struggle between rookie FBI agent Keanu Reeves/Johnny Utah missed me, I will never know. 419 more words


Point Break (2015)

What are you chasing? Not actually sure what this film is honestly.

2015’s “Point Break” takes the outline of the original 1991 film but with an updated twist for the “Extreme” sports fan and its audience.

340 more words

'Point Break' pales in comparison to original

When it comes to movie remakes, only so few seem to do the original version justice by trying something different or executing a different spin on it through good direction and writing. 616 more words

The Fandom Telescope

Bad Idea Bros

They remade Point Break.

Don’t act surprised. You and I both knew it was going to happen, especially once all these X Games sports started taking off and the suburbs became littered with skate parks and homemade vert ramps. 878 more words


Cinema Dispatch: Point Break

Point Break and all the images you see in this review are owned by Warner Bros Pictures

Directed by Ericson Core

When Star Wars and… 2,105 more words

Cinema Dispatch