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Screen Rant: John Wick - Chapter 2 ****SPOILERS*****

Welcome back, folks to another episode of Screen Rants with Ed Lee. Almost the big award show in the Oscars and I still have yet to watch a majority of the movies but thats okay because this past week I went to go see 50 Shades Darker cause I wanted to see what its like to be in a room full of chicks cumming their pants but to make sure i maintained my masculinity I went and saw John Wick: Chapter 2. 1,077 more words

Point Break (EP 56)

This week the guys bring you a detailed breakdown of all things Point Break. Adrenaline junkies Drew and Badway are talking Gary Busey’s awful surveillance tactics, Johnny Utah’s flimsy undercover back story, and Bodhi’s outlook on life. 71 more words


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