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Scientists catch supermassive black hole in the act of eating a star, belching out flare

Astrophysicists captured a black hole in the act of gobbling up a star, the first observation of its kind.

Black holes are immensely dense areas in space where gravity pulls everything inside — not even light can escape. 266 more words


10 Things We're "Thankful" For at Hopkins

  1. The intersection at 33rd and North Charles

Where else can you find yourself with a walk symbol AND also a herd of impatient cars quickly coming around a turn to get you? 331 more words

The 13 Lies You Told Your Parents This Thanksgiving

  1. Yes, I’m having fun at school.
  2. I made friends.
  3. No, I’ve never been on the Grindr.
  4. I missed you mom!
  5. I am thinking about really committing to Pre-Med.
  6. 91 more words

DHE Infusions

Yesterday I had DHE infusions at Johns Hopkins. It was ROUGH to say the least.

The protocol went like this: Saline solution, Solumedrol (steroid), Reglan (anti-nausea), Benadryl, Magnesium, DHE 2x, Depacon (seizure medicine), and a shot of Thorazine (antipsychotic). 330 more words


The Business Case for Health: Interview with Ron Goetzel, Johns Hopkins University

I first met with Ron Goetzel doing research for my book The Healthy Workplace, and soon after meeting him realized that I had landed on a gold mine.  2,149 more words

Health and Wellness Center to Move Farther From Campus to Separate the Weak from The Strong

With winter approaching, JHU administration has announced that the Student Health and Wellness Center will be moved from 31st Street to the campus of Towson University. 207 more words

Side Effects & Johns Hopkins pt. 2

Lately I have been feeling nothing but side effects. The Effexor made my blood pressure go up, I couldn’t sleep, I slept too much, I was too fatigued to deal with anything, and I am still dealing with these things! 162 more words