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Wolf to Represent Lawyers in Society of Scholars

This article was originally posted by the Center for Law, Health & Society and Georgia State University College of Law.

From doctors to historians, philosophers to engineers, the… 347 more words

Top Ten Ways to Survive Winter Storm Jonas

  1. Take a drink for every inch of snowfall! Alone.
  2. Spike your hot chocolate! And your coffee! And your water! And your toothpaste.
  3. Go outside and experience the blizzard!
  4. 157 more words

Cocaine Causes Your Brain To Eat Itself But Scientists Think They Found A Cure

HuffPost – A new study from Johns Hopkins University finds that high doses of cocaine cause your brain cells to kill themselves.

In a study involving mice, researchers found cocaine can kill brain cells by triggering “overactive autophagy,” the process by which cells digest their own insides. 368 more words

Hopkins Student Wins Powerball Jackpot, Still 20K in Debt

Across the US, anticipation was higher than ever for the Powerball drawing, the jackpot of which had reached an unprecedented 1.6 Billion dollars. Lines stretched around corners as people bought tickets in hopes of a payout that could instantly launch them into the highest strata of the American wealthy. 177 more words