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Peace and happiness are found by being your true Self.

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Humanity’s journey through the illusion has been long and arduous.  You have all spent many lifetimes trying to find your way Home.  1,285 more words

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Off-topic rant 20150522-2117. Well, from 2109 until now and in between chews of bread and lots of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" and while Mom is talking about life and death with Edna the widow, I've been crying. That's it! I'm NOT having fun with this illusion! I want none of it! I want out! If I can just fly away from this humanized female body and off this hellish planet, I would but can't! The spiritual realm is VERY much real. I don't know if "they" are government agents or simply psychic scumbags. For the past few days of ranting unto "them" and twice in response unto moi, I don't know what to think. Each time I feel that sense of negativity and all its silliness, I have to force myself to refocus and deep down something is present - love. The concept of God and others melt away. That love does exist inside as a softness. That love smiles in return. The effects are calm and relax, serene and nice. At anytime, I can call upon "them" within myself and solitude. Somehow the words happy and joy don't seem appropriate as those feel ego-driven as if on a spiritually faked "high". The love is a sincere feeling and a floating experience. When I read the sentence about how "God" decides our path, that's was the turning point of my profound sadness. He's a prick.