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How being Present can help you Solve Problems

In this thought provoking TED Talk, Joi Ito narrates how a bunch of people were able to innovate by working on a Problem instead of waiting for someone to solve it. 105 more words


Разработчики Bitcoin Core о новой стратегии в MIT

Разработчики Bitcoin Core Гэвин Андресен, Кори Филдс и Владимир ван дер Лаан поделились своими взглядами на счет развития биткойн проекта с открытым исходным кодом на мероприятии организованном медиа-лабораторией MIT, их новым местом работы. 22 more words


It's Still The About People, Right?

I think we as a society have forgotten something here. It’s not about the task in front us. How fast can you finish your spreadsheet? Are you a democrat or a republican? 317 more words