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It's Still The About People, Right?

I think we as a society have forgotten something here. It’s not about the task in front us. How fast can you finish your spreadsheet? Are you a democrat or a republican? 317 more words


A Million More Reasons to Make It

Over the last two years, we’ve been built a company we’re really proud of. We raised an initial seed of $500K in 2013, after leaving our comfortable jobs to make our dreams come true and work on projects that really inspire us. 306 more words

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Как не дать правительству совать нос в дела биткойна

В ходе недавней сессии вопрос-ответ (AMA) на форуме Reddit руководитель междисциплинарной исследовательской лаборатории Массачусетского технологического института MIT Media Lab Джой Ито (Joi Ito) рассказал о том, как не допустить “чрезмерного вмешательства” правительства в сферу виртуальной валюты. 25 more words


I am highly uncertain about certainty.

Ideologues bother me. I don’t trust them.

Ideologues in education are the worst. How can people be so sure of themselves that they claim to have all of the answers? 473 more words


The new way of doing things

One that so many people still resist. They fight the power of the opportunities the internet and globalization offer. Why? Because it’s just as new to them as automobiles and trains once were.

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How innovation is done?

Joi Ito is a Japanese-American activist, entrepreneur, VC, Director of the MIT Media Lab, and one of the smartest people on the planet. In this fascinating TED talk, he explains how innovation is done nowadays. 14 more words