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Some Artwork

I used to be very artistic before I joined the Army. Over the past month, I ve gotten back into drawing. Morrigan from Dragon Age. I banged this one out pretty quickly last weekend. 59 more words

Supporter In Colorado

Hello everyone. I just joined on the day I m writing this. I have found this site to be very helpful. My wife was diagnosed in May with PTSD caused by trauma experienced throughout her life. 64 more words

I Can't Go On Like This With No Help Or Healing

I just joined this sight tonight. I have read where it looks like some people may have gotten help here. I was diagnosed with PTSD a few months ago. 85 more words



I gave you my heart-
don’t crush it.
I gave you my time-
don’t rush it.
I gave you my hope-
don’t lose it. 50 more words



I ve been following this forum on Facebook and thought that it might help if I joined. I have complex PTSD because of childhood abuse, sexual assault, violence and threats from my own family. 39 more words

My Husband Wants To Be Supportive But...

Hi, I m new to this group. I joined because I really need support with my PTSD and not feeling alone in it. My husband is a kind, supportive, compassionate man, but has recently told me that he believes that my PTSD is destructive to our marriage and that he s no longer willing to play a role in the patterns around it. 49 more words