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Barely Keeping It Together...

Hi there. I just joined the forum after reading through some of the other introductions and realizing that you have already helped me a bit, albeit in an unexpected way: you helped me to cry. 70 more words

Alexander McQueen 'should never have joined Gucci'

Alexander McQueen 'should never have joined Gucci'
In December 2000, 51 per cent of the designer's eponymous label was acquired by the Gucci Group, where he remained Creative Director but Andrew Wilson, writer of 'Alexander McQueen: Blood Beneath the Skin' believes, in… 7 more words

Not Sure Where To Start On Myptsd Forums

I joined in 2013 but am just starting in the forums. Where should I start? I just want to introduce myself to the community but I m not ready to delve into specific forums until I do. 17 more words

Finally joined !!

So it has been a very long time since I started thinking about having my own blog but the “Chosen day” is today and I am finally here  ..!! 20 more words


Friends With An Abuser

Hi, I ve just joined, though I ve been reading on here a while. My memories have been returning for a couple of years now. I don t have a therapist because sometimes my abusers have been, or have posed as, doctors and I m scared to ask for help, however, I m making good progress alone. 50 more words

Welcome to JohnH@WSO2


I’ve recently joined the exciting company – WSO2.com – as a solutions architect.

It’s got a completely different feel to any other company I’ve worked for (in a *good* way ;-) 166 more words