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Not So Sleepy Daughter...

Hi everyone, I joined back in September as a sufferer (my father got me to join) but havn t really been on due to other commitments. 60 more words

Donation Challenge - How Do I Use A Prepaid Card

OK, I joined PAYPAL with a mastercard giftcard, NOW WHAT DO I DO? (I did not see anyplace to use it here on our home page). 7 more words

I Don't Know My Husband Anymore

Hello I have never in my life joined a forum and this alone scares me. Here goes my story and I hope someone can give me some advice. 79 more words

British Cycling free gift

Has anyone ever joined BC and got a decent free gift? They keep on emailing and trying to entice me with the offer of a rubbish pump or mug which I don t want or need. 25 more words

Cycling Stuff

Hello To All Forum Members

Hi there, My name is Tony, I am 32 and I joined this site to meet other PTSD sufferers to discuss symptoms and find support and comfort in this living nightmare known as PTSD. 76 more words

Misdiagnosis, Incorrect Treatment, And Moving Past That

Hi, I just joined. I was misdiagnosed in 2012 with bipolar, despite no history of psychiatric illness my entire life (now young middle-aged), given medications for bipolar that did diddly-squat for me, and worst of all, “railroaded” pretty much against my will into spending 3 weeks in a psych (day hospital) program. 46 more words

Trying To Accept My Diagnosis

I joined this group today in hopes that I can come to terms with my diagnosis of PTSD with what they call somatization. I don t understand all this yet and with others that have the same difficulties perhaps I can feel like I am not all alone in this. 67 more words