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Happy Mothers' Day #becomingabettermother

Doing all that I do, every day, is solely for my kids. Ok, so not solely… but damn near.  There are things that I do as a mother, that I hope with everything inside of me, that my children see and even take with them on their own road. 535 more words


Creating and Measuring Goals


  1. Lose weight
  2. Get healthy
  3. Become a better me

Why did I set such vague goals? Well, simple… so I could achieve them… duh!

Before I go any further forward, let me go back a little. 500 more words


Accepting Defeat and Denying Success

I have written about failing and accepting that, even learning from it, but this different. When you fail it is a singular event. Failing a test, failing to complete the housework you wanted to do, even failing to properly communicate how you wanted something done. 451 more words


Making the Day Count and Getting Redemption

I have heard that on the days you don’t want to go to the gym, those are the days you get the most out of it. 680 more words


Fitness Fridays: Back At It Again!

So it’s been a minute since I’ve worked out in any shape or form to be honest. For some reason, I can’t get the motivation to just get up and exercise when I’m at home. 539 more words


A Milestone

There are milestones in life: things that change us or that mark our changes, things we’ll remember and reminisce about during maudlin times or family times. 488 more words

Short Takes On Life

Paying My Dues Because BG/DC

The premise of this group was that as “big girls” have two options… 1) we can cry and whine about how horrible we look and feel or 2) we get off our duffs, pay our dues, and transform ourselves into what we wanted to be. 463 more words