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Dressed for Success

It is no secret, I love jammie pants. I love sweatpants. I love Tshirts. I love my comfies.

The very second I get home at night, I go straight past my family and into the bedroom to change into my comfy clothes. 519 more words


Every Step Counts

I am a desk jockey. Everything I need is right there. On the shared drive, in my email, or physically in the IN BOX on my desk. 537 more words


Unexpected Lessons

I love when things happen and after its over I get to think back on the event and see it from a completely different angle. Tonight was one of those evenings. 542 more words


Get Out of My Head!

For those of you who know me, you know that I do have a few minor (or at least I hope they are still just minor) health issues. 653 more words


Blogging Myself Out of a Rut

The end of the year is always rough for me. Not really in a bad way, just rough as in very busy way. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kat’s swim season, New Years, year end reports at work, the cold, the snow… you know what I mean. 752 more words


Confession of a Fraidy Cat

I called myself a “fraidy cat” for a good reason. See, 2014 was not the first time I tried to get into shape. In 2012 I started going to the Pavilion that is attached to the high school… there were about five machines,┬áseven ellipticals, and two bikes. 678 more words


How My Story Begins...

The beginning… where do I start?

I would probably say it was in February of 2014… in Tampa Florida. Or more specifically in a mini van on the way to Tampa Florida. 695 more words