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Happy New year and picking your MOS

Its already Feb 10, 2015 it has been too long since my last post. I have not been available due to my health problems associated with my injuries from the Army. 626 more words

Joining Military

Think about what you want

I’ve met soldiers that have joined the military without any thought to what it is they want to achieve. The first step in being able to have choice of doing what you want is to ace your ASVAB test. 412 more words

Joining Military

Merry Christmas

To all my brothers and sisters still serving I wanted to say Merry Christmas. All of your sacrifices away from your families are appreciated. Missed birthdays, holidays and Christmas’s are all necessary to protect what you love the most … your families back home. 167 more words

Joining Military

Considering the military?

This is one of the most important decisions you have to make next to deciding what your going to do. Sometimes if you know what job you want that will help you decide what branch of service to join. 252 more words

Joining Military

Let go & Let God

As a new believer (I committed my life in May 2014 and began following Christ about a year and a half ago), I am still learning and changing. 566 more words

Joining the military

To anyone who is or knows someone thinking about joining the military, my advice is this:

– Research an ROTC scholarship, use it to go to college, and join as an Officer. 8 more words


Hurry Up & Wait- Joining the Navy

Well it is official my husband is enlisted in the United States Navy (no not any other Navy….) and will be shipping off to Basic training (which for those of you who may be confused, is also boot camp) on October 21st. 250 more words