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Should Couples Run Joint Account?

The question whether couples should have joint account is a serious case/issue that shouldn’t be taken so lightly in the issue of marriage. This particular issue/question has really become a center of hot controversy among people, most especially, youths and newly married young couples today, because, people capitalize their arguments on the fact that marriage involves couples having/doing things in common with no differences between them. 1,530 more words


Joint Accounts: Share of a deceased co-depositor, where should it go?

Joint savings accounts in banks may be covered by a survivorship agreement. Under such agreement, the co-depositors agree that upon the death of either of them, the share pertaining to the deceased shall accrue to the surviving co-depositor or he can even withdraw the entire deposit. 1,886 more words

As Two Checking Accounts Become One

The last couple of days I have received a number of questions about how to handle finances when getting married.  Some of the questions I have heard are: 465 more words


When Does a Withdrawal from a Joint Bank Account Become a Crime?

When it’s not specifically authorized!  It’s true, unknowing to a large population, all jointly held bank accounts are not created equal.  The deciding factor?  The authority given by the primary account holder.   471 more words



You’ve set the wedding date and planned the honeymoon, and now you’re dreaming of kids, relaxing vacations and a happy retirement together. But have you talked about how money management will play into those events? 662 more words

6 Ways Your Client Can Damage Their Credit Score

 During the period of a divorce, a client’s credit score is vulnerable to self-inflicted damage, mostly due to scared thinking, not thinking at all, or even rushing into decisions. 526 more words

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