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Arthritis Awareness Month

Month of May marks the beginning of ‘Arthritis Awareness Month’ worldwide every year. Arthritis is a painful disorder that interferes with a patient’s ability to perform their routine tasks like sitting, walking, or merely standing by causing joint inflammation. 598 more words

Knee Pain

Turmeric Paste

Add 1 Cup of Turmeric (Organic) and

1/2 Cup of water in pan

Whisk until smooth

Simmer 7-10 minutes on Medium Low until it becomes a paste… 67 more words


100% Herbal Product - Sandhi Sudha Plus Oil - Natural Treatment for Joint Pain

Most effective and 100% herbal Sandhi Sudha Plus Oil prepared by using hundreds of years old Ayurveda which are very much effective in providing relief from body pain especially from joints pain and knee pain. 68 more words

Sandhi Sudha

My LEAST Favorite Cliche! Which Is Actually True

Age is just a number………. I KNOW! I KNOW!  I hate it also, but it is true. I am in my forties feeling better than I have in the past 10 years. 111 more words

Sacroiliac disease can affect any #horse

Signs of a Sacroiliac Joint Pain in Horses

So how do you know a horse has SI pain? While only a veterinarian can diagnose it, a few signs should raise red flags. 85 more words


Have You Tried These Movements Before Considering Shoulder Surgery?

If you suffer from shoulder pain, here are some exercises you can do at home that really work to improve flexibility and strength. Just remember to ALWAYS stay within reasonable pain boundaries and work BOTH sides of your body, NOT just the injured shoulder! 384 more words

Joint Pain

Never new this was so important........

…….. But everything is important these days. If you lack a vitamin the consequences build up and you may just attribute this symptom to flu or stress. 289 more words