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Why early diagnosis of arthritis is important?

According to experts, early and accurate diagnosis results in appropriate treatment.

Often, early symptoms of arthritis can be confusing. In most of the cases people facing joint pain for the first time ignore the underlying cause, including arthritis. 348 more words

I am The Loris

Hi doc, how’s it…Oh yeah, the cane. Yeah, got that when the joint stuff really started to flare up, it’s pretty cool actually, see how it folds and…My joints? 675 more words

Camping in comfort when you live with chronic pain: begin with the bed

Growing up, my family took more camping vacations than any other kind. We went annually with the same people—friends with kids my age. Even when we moved to a neighboring state, we traveled for hours to camp with them. 1,784 more words

Would This Solve Your Problem?

The wonder of being taken seriously when  you suffer from chronic pain

So today was a big day for me, I finally got to see a rheumatology specialist for the first time in life about my chronic pain. 697 more words


Recently, a patient is in his mid 40’s visited my clinic. He was suffering from severe joint pains. Just a month back his personal physician had put him on regular pain killers. 486 more words


Stem Cell Therapy

Regenerative Medicine
Physician’s Promise is now offering stem-cell therapy as well as other regenerative modalities in both locations. We are excited to advance patient care to a whole new level! 285 more words

Cartilax UC2: Nunca sofra de problemas de cartilagem! Fórmula natural

Os problemas nas articulações atingem milhões de brasileiros, são mais comuns do que imaginamos em várias partes do corpo e somente aqueles que sofrem com esse mal sabem o quanto isso é ruim. 507 more words