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Why do you have stiff, sore Joints?

Joint health is affected by many variables. The medical community generally view joint pain or problems as structural in nature and on occassion this is indeed the case. 449 more words


Today was a normal day, well as normal as you can get for a kid with POTs and FPIES!  Today we went to Six Flags.  For a kid with severe food allergies and a condition that makes standing difficult, this is no small feat!   309 more words


Cello Plate Jointing

Hello hello, my long hiatus is over… I will try to return to my ritualistic weekly postings. If not with comics, then I will post with updates on my instruments and top secret things I’ve learned along the way. 46 more words


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Loose bodies are fragments made up of cartilage, bone or a mixture of both which get detached and usually move within the joint. They are usually a result of an injury or even a joint disorder; termed as Osteochondritis Dissecans or OCD (OCD is a condition when a small segment of bone begins to separate from its surrounding region due to a lack of blood supply.). 241 more words

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Shoulder Surgery Treatment in Bangalore


The rotator cuff consists of muscles and tendons in the shoulders which connect the upper arm to the shoulder blade and hold the ball of the upper arm into the shoulder socket allowing for smooth and rotational movement of the arms. 277 more words

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Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Chiropractic Care

When people hear the term carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) they often think of hand pain, tingling and numbness, grip weakness, excessive typing, life-long injury, and surgery. 590 more words


 Bone Cancer Treatment in Bangalore


As the name suggests, the ‘Know Your Pain’ feature on our site helps you identify the key bone and joint related problems of the human body and offers detailed information on the symptoms, diagnostics and treatment procedure associated with them. 35 more words

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