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Happy Thanksgiving

Again…for those of us who have multiple Thanksgivings, some of which may or may not have already taken place. (You can hear me patting a belly full can’t you?)


Hipsters are white. Hippies are white. Rich people are white.

If vegans are rich hipster hippies they must, therefore, be white by default. We have all seen them, sipping their overpriced kale smoothies and boast about how moral they are for only eating tofu and chugging soy milk. 943 more words


This is a joke, right?

I was a gullible child. I tended to take people at their word because it was hard for me to understand why someone would lie. If you say most girls can’t touch their elbows together behind their back, then damn sure I believe you and I want to know which category I belong to – it’s the s… 82 more words


what do bad postmen
and this verse have in common? 7 more words



शान्त मन में हमेशा शोर रहता है , ये दिल तो है मेरा पर इसमें रहता कोई और है