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The 2014 - 15 New York Knicks And The Worst Shot In History.

Ladies and gentleman Alexey Shved!

I’m not gonna bash the Knicks we all know they’re purposely trying to tank. I’m cool with that and I know things have to get bad before they get better, but what the hell was that? 55 more words


Inside the writer's mind #241

An article on this subject (books – not arson): Box Sets and Bargain Books (about the real cost of cheap books)


Dublin Daze 2015_10

Join the Dublin Daze Community for more Capital laughs….


Pyaar karna hai
to Nirma
Powder vaali se

Pyar karna hai
to . . . Nirma
Powder vaali se
Kyuki ek vahi
hai jo kehti hai: 6 more words


Pati patni me
jhagda ho raha

Pati – Me koi
tumse darta hu

Patni – Darte to
tum ho,
pahli baar jab
tum mere ghar… 20 more words


Guilty as charged ....

Yes we Grandparents over do it… but heck they are our grand kids, we don’t have them whole day but for few hours LOL