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Luc #5

Dear Friend,

I’m smiling today. Not because I’m happy but because life is hilarious. It knows just when to pull that prank, just when to tell that joke, and just who should be at the butt of it: and it’s always you.

Love Luc

Love Luc

Theology As Explained By Children

The first book of the Bible is Guinessis, in which Adam & Eve were created from an apple tree.

Noah’s wife was called Joan of Ark. 137 more words

Clean Jokes

"Today's Joke"

“Daily struggles,
of the barking dog,
and his muzzle.

So thirsty, can you release me?
Only a moment, promise to be good.

Woof woof.
I’m free!! 9 more words


There's No Humor in the Bible

I’ve never quite been able to put my finger on it, but something has always been missing from the Bible. There’s plenty of stuff there: love, hate, anger, happiness, joy, sorrow, people turning into salt and food raining from the heavens¬† 659 more words