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Oh well! Here comes the Joker!

The saddest part comes when you realize you are trying to kid yourself! Oh well that’s the worst stand up comedy you’ll ever see: Playing the ultimate joke on┬áher heart! 16 more words

Facts Of Life

I need more coffee

The problem with coffee is, it doesn’t wake me up. Coffee just reminds me how tired I am.

I don’t have a problem with caffeine, I have a problem without it. 109 more words


101. Lesson from my mother 1

“Nobody loves me.” – Me

“About time you figured it out on your own. If I told you, you would be insulted.” – My mom

Bad Humor

despite the hiatus...

none of you wished me a Happy Canada Day…

so as a true Canadian, I’m gonna be totally okay with it and apologize to all of you for wasting your time with this post.


Hello Nano, I better win this time (a letter)

Dearest NaNoWriMo,

You are an old friend at this point. Been something to look forward to every year for at least 5 years. Something about you calls me back every time, even to your Camp editions. 74 more words

Episode 400: One-Liner Wednesday.

‘I love it when someone’s laugh is funnier than the joke.’

Short and sweet, but oh so true. Laughter can be so infectious.

This post is inspired by LindaGHill


Today's joke

I order to stay in the Navy, I had to take a course in anchor management.