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Welcome to Gotham

“As you know, madness is like gravity…all it takes is a little push” – Joker (Heath Ledger) The Dark Knight Trilogy


Batman Ninja

Ketika trailer dari Batman Ninja dirilis saya kegirangan. Menyatukan salah satu superhero favorit saya sepanjang masa dan medium animasi yang saya cintai: kolaborasi ini pasti epik. 467 more words


Why "Batman Ninja" will Endure in the Long Run

With Batman Ninja having been released about a week-and-a-half ago (as of this writing), I am compelled to write several posts about it. (At first, I thought I’d write a review; but after seeing quite a bit of negativity on it, I felt more compelled to write about why, I believe, more fans will see the charm in this movie and, therefore, come to make this one of the most memorable DC animated features over time.) 795 more words


The Harlequin's Last Dance - a fan-fiction story about Gotham's future

“Harley, Harley – I am so disappointed…” – said the Joker with impassive voice, meticulously cleaning the bloodied baseball bat. He had killed his sidekick with her own weapon – he knew she would have appreciated the irony….correction, he was no longer sure about that. 755 more words


"DARXNESS" by DARRELL (album details + NEW LOOK)

DARRELL will release their first full album “DARXNESS” on July 25th and have a new look!

Release date: July 25th 2018

1. GARBAGE FREAK… 140 more words


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Who could play The Joker now? - Part 1

Hello beautiful people,

The issue we are about to discuss is really personal for me, because the character of The Joker is my favorite villain in every comic universe, so talking about who may be worthy of representing the Clown Prince of Crime on the big screen is a really hard question. 1,086 more words