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A Good Laugh: "Heaven? No, thanks"

By Eddy Montilla.

Explanatory Note: The following joke is a made-up story by the author with the sole purpose of providing fun for the readers. Therefore, it does not have the slightest intention of making fun of any person who could suffer from mental illness or making fun of any person for his or her religious conviction. 97 more words


"I'm Gonna Go Kill Myself!"

If comedians have a bad set, they’re always like, “I’m gonna go kill myself!”

And then everyone is like, “HAAAAA! THAT’S THE FUNNIEST THING I’VE EVER HEARD!!!!!!!!!” 143 more words


"Comedy Is A Luxury"

This is a piece that I can’t remember how I found about how comedy is a luxury. It’s a great message for comedians: do your bestest because the people who are listening don’t have to be there. 20 more words


Fellow Female Comedians on Amy Schumer's Alleged Joke Theft

Here’s an article that talks about a bunch of reactions to Schumer’s accusations and kind of puts a lot of the hype all in one place for you to digest. 90 more words

Cool Stuff

Carol Burnett On The State Of Comedy TV

Admittedly, my ignorant young self knows nothing about Carol Burnett. But, a comedian friend shared a quote of hers from this Hollywood Reporter interview that I thought was interesting: 196 more words


Sean Patton Is Great

This past Monday I went to Whiplash at UCB in Chelsea for the first time. It was an amazing show and all the comics killed. Sean Patton headlined the show, and I’m not sure that I’ve seen him perform before. 52 more words


Why Do Puns Make People Groan?

I was reminded of this awesome Atlantic piece today when I was writing my article about how math jokes are kind of taboo.

It’s about how people often have this very visceral negative reaction to puns that’s really weird and trying to find out why that happens. Super intersting.