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Stop Drinking The Kool-Aid, Folks

Psycho, not psychic…
Seth Meyers says the president is like an angry grandpa screaming at the TV and we are doomed. Indeed, if old grandpas can no longer be bothered to go outside and scream GET OFF MY LAWN. 818 more words


Are you sad?

  • Whenever you feel sad, just remember that somewhere in this world, there’s an idiot pulling a door that say’s PUSH.
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The elevator in my building is nicer than my apartment so I sublet my apartment and moved into the elevator.


TASTY TIDBITS #15: "Free to Good Home: TALKING DOG!"

(Here is a fun joke I overheard at a party:)


> A man goes to his local flea market where he sees another man sitting with a dog on a leash, near a sign that says: 211 more words



My wife wants me to buy horizontal concert seats to see a boy band at £300 a ticket.

I’m not going to Take That lying down.