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October Blog Blast - Let's Get This Party Started.🎶🍰🍨🌭🍸🍻💃

Yeah! It’s fun time again. 🙂

We have hit October so fast that sometimes my mind spins at the way time zooms by. Doesn’t it make one feel like a happy hamster running around in circles in pursuit of time?  284 more words


Funny Insurance Claims Of The Motor Industry

Presented By JokesX http://jokesx.blogspot.com/2016/10/funny-insurance-claims-of-motor-industry.html

Extract from office worker's compensation claim form:

Agent of the injury: Drawer

How did accident occur: Drawer fell out and landed on my foot… 365 more words


Knock, knock. Who’s there? Wire.

Steven: Knock, knock.
Rod: Who’s there?
Steven: Wire.
Rod: Wire, who?
Steven: Wire you asking me this?


Friday Funnee

A man breaks into a dark house.

He gets through the window and turns on his flashlight. Out of the dark, a voice says “Jesus is watching you” 256 more words