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Joke of the Day

A small balding man storms into a local bar and demands, “Gimme a double of the strongest whiskey you got. I’m so mad, I can’t even see straight.” The bartender, noticing that the little man is a bit the worse for wear, pours him a double of Southern Comfort. 671 more words


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Sometimes we are closer to escaping a bad situation than we realize!

I'm A Reasonable Guy

I don’t ask for much from a girlfriend. No high demands in a relationship. I just want a girlfriend that’s gonna lick and suck food off of my fingers without me having to ask. 8 more words

Fine-Ants Problems

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Well hello again! I hope you are having a fine and happy summer, o readers of my incessant blog! We’re not, in the UK that is. 725 more words

I'm not saying that I like to fuck children. But...

…if she’s 18, and looks like a 12 year old…

…or is 12 and looks like an 18 year old…


I’m going to Hell… 605 more words


Grammar joke.

i before e, except after c.

Unless you don’t carie.