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I wanna strangle people with Christmas Lights - Not Really

Okay… RANT!
If I post something, Please do not take it very literal. Most of the time I am joking. Unless, I post that it’s important or that it’s special. 520 more words

joke 2

I like to engage in early morning superiority.  Since I have been getting up at 5am since Monday, I consider myself an “early riser” and thus innately better than everyone who sleeps later than 5am. 212 more words


What scares me

What scares me? Dongwoo……………………. Please help

Jamie Offen

Student of JIS


Finger ....

Well, it made me laugh!!

Finger bang. Yep, I said it. Ha ha.


Die For Me

“All I need is a man who will love me and even die for me.. I promise to bury him”

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No Underwear

This dialogue sounds like something that reads well but couldn’t possibly be true. By the time I get to the end of this writing, you are probably going to think that I am some kind of a nut. 289 more words

Meatless Stuffed Peppers

Hello Humans,

Every good homemaker has dinner on the table by the time the breadwinner gets home. And I, D.W., aspire to be one of the greatest homemakers of all time. 466 more words