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Testing Your Purity

Purity is a hot topic in youth groups and at men’s retreats.  We often associate purity with the conversation about sexuality.  “How far is too far… 954 more words

New Testament

How to Blog

I’ve been thinking of writing a series of How To: blog posts, but they won’t really explain how to do things. They’ll be more tongue-in cheek. 111 more words

Dystopia Bans Jokes about Banning Jokes

DYSTOPIA–Jokes about banning jokes have been banned at Dystopia College, President Overly Payeed-Admyn announced today.

“It is important to show respect to all members of the Dystopia community,” Payeed said, “and jokes about joke-banning are patently offensive to the humorless, soulless, droning killjoys who objected to joking in the first place,” apparently referring to a group of students and faculty members who have been campaigning against the use of humor in the classroom, on the grounds that jokes are often unintentionally offensive to some of the people present. 428 more words

The Final Challenge - Challenge Tuesday

As I am going back to the university next week, I had to make a choice! And I chose laziness! I won’t be able to write all the things that are on my schedule (I’m already not writing a lot of “shorts”) and as challenges are the most difficult things to imagine, I’m going to stop them whilst I’m studying. 269 more words


Spectacled Fury (That's Me?!)

So many people. So many effin people presume wearing glasses is some kind of cult thing; that if you wear them you are instantly promoted to the “I’m intelligent, back off bitches” club; well wrong, and… 370 more words