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26 Times Tumblr Managed To Be So Ridiculous They Out-Tumblr'ed Themselves

1. How the hell do you react to this?!
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2. …more like ‘touchy’.
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3. Same.
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Big Dumb Puppy

I joke like a dog bites

It’s not that we want to hurt you

(It’s just that we only know

How to hug with our teeth)


Seriously? Not even a “have a safe flight”?

Why So Serious ??? Selowww Aja Kéles

Manusia diciptakan dengan karakternya masing-masing. Ada satu kemiripan antara satu dan lainnya. Tapi nggak ada yang benar-benar mirip sama sekali. Seperti halnya sidik jari, karakter manusia bisa dikatakan nggak ada jiplakannya. 845 more words

Daily Journal

Day 3 of Juicing. Part 2; Baguette Beating.

What is wrong with the friggin world?! Didn’t they get the memo about me juicing and they should take all their drive thrus, fast food joints and pizza bars to the next city over? 698 more words


Joking or Flirting? (Damon)

“So, where’s your girlfriend tonight?” Brittany asked Damon.

I wanted to curl up and die.  Here I was, at a party, flirting with this hot guy, and she pulls this question out of her derriere?!  635 more words