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"Dear Diary" (Paul Ryan Chronicles)

“It’s a very good start. It’s actually an excellent start,” Ryan said of the bill, known as the American Health Care Act.

The Washington Post…

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That's Not My Son Lady

I had the craziest conversation for over 45 minutes last night with someone I had never met. The first text asked me when I was going to pick up my son. 819 more words

Friday's Funny Bone

There were two carrots walking down the road, a big carrot and a little carrot. On the other side of the road they see their friend cabbage in his cabbage patch. 187 more words

ConSEALing the Monotony

As I was cramming to finish my physics homework this past week, I came across something rather amusing. We are learning about pendulums, and how weight, the spring constant of the material connecting the two objects, gravity, and the length of the spring can affect the period of time it takes to make one rotation. 241 more words


Friday Funnies 03.03

Have a wonderful weekend all. :D


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Drabble: In All Seriousness

“In all seriousness“, his aunt likes to say before saying the most ridiculous things that are anything but serious. When he was younger, he believed everything she said,  153 more words

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