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Drabble: In All Seriousness

“In all seriousness“, his aunt likes to say before saying the most ridiculous things that are anything but serious. When he was younger, he believed everything she said,  153 more words

Creative Writing

how to finish a bottle of wine

you start with dinner. because what is dinner without wine. you don’t pour too much. just enough to accent the flavors and aromas of the meal. 204 more words


Youtube Channel

Have a look at my ‘Challenge Accepted’ trailers! It features my boyfriend, THE Michael Boulton, (not really) and I doing… you guessed it, challenges! Subscriptions to the channel are welcomed warmly, please and thank you.

My Perfect Day

We’ve all heard the phrase “That team played a perfect game”, “He/she got a perfect score on the test”, “That was the perfect date”, “He was a perfect gentleman” or “That was a perfect day.” 529 more words

It's to late to run, He's ours now!

This is me and my daughter, yes I hide my blonde! But if you’re around me long enough you pick up on it!

So, my daughter and I are folding laundry tonight, and we decide on a movie. 159 more words

Seduction & Punishment

An undisciplined wench waltzes onto his ship; orders his men around then attempts to seduce him with food and drink, before leading him to her boudoir.   48 more words