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smoke signals

My wife and brother in law like to burn outside, like brush piles, leaves, dead grass, you name it, even old barns. Anyway, they joke with each other about did you get my message? 41 more words

I am spooky

I am the orange juice after you brush your teeth
The downed WiFi in your home network
Nails on a chalk board
The clown at the fair
I am 2spooky4you


Why I'm Marrying Myself at 40 ft. Tinder Convos

Inspired by a troubled friend who has a toxic obsession with sexy hairy men sporting a receding hairline and an exotic accent.

This is why we can’t have nice things.



Customer is nearing the end of his order in the drive thru when my employee offers him two chocolate chip cookies for only $1.

Customer: 69 more words

Fast Food

Psalm 1:1,2

I know it has been a long time since I posted anything. But before you mock me for not posting, take a look at my verses for today. 607 more words


Just Joking

So when you said

that you were joking

what you really meant

was that you were

telling the truth

and that no one liked it. 42 more words


The Number Thirteen

The number thirteen,

Coincidence or karma

Falling on Friday.

Inspiration for slashers

Needing to wear hockey masks.

Then wouldn’t you know

Valentine’s Day would follow. 21 more words