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Eat or Delete: Jolly Rancher Soda

Hello fellow human beings of the internet.

Among all the other flavored fizz drinks, there is a new one. This “colored coke” has four flavors green apple, cherry, watermelon, and blueberry, so original. 77 more words

Review: Jolly Ranchers Candy

The other day I ordered my first ever bag of American Candy. After watching lot of videos on YouTube, I decided that the infamous Jolly Ranchers would be the ones to order. 110 more words


A hundred thousand jolly ranchers in my room.

Everywhere. How the eff? The word “Crazy”, is putting it lightly. Crazy, I think, doesn’t have enough forms and phases, shapes or sizes, it has no time or day, it simply irrevocably finds me. 187 more words


The Taste of Eeeeeevil

As I discovered with my cool little Superman Phone Case adventure (TM), projects can be fun.

I’m guessing they’re even more fun when alcohol is fundamental to the entire thing, however. 209 more words

From The Desk

"Welcome to My Jolly Ranch!" 😏

What’s up guys.

We, meaning my family, were watching the NBA Finals a few days ago, because Golden State…but, that’s not what this post is about really. 58 more words


PWG: Jolly Rancher & Lego Death Match and Gummy Bear Death Match

Joey Ryan vs. Drake Younger

The Young Bucks vs. Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan

I wanted to share one of these but couldn’t in good conscience choose between the two.


For Valentine's Day, a simple dessert with heart

By Dorie Greenspan

Unless you’re brokenhearted, you’d have to be a card-carrying curmudgeon to hate Valentine’s Day. There’s so much to love about it, starting with love itself: romantic, familial and friendly; then hearts; flowers; and chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. 1,311 more words