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Joe Tries A New Food

Jack is in Hawaii, so the boys are off this week. Enjoy this snippet from Over The Line Show #9 where Joe tries a strange a new exotic food while in Las Vegas. 33 more words


DIY Edible Candy Agate Slices!

Trick your friends on April Fool’s Day with this edible DIY! Learn how to make EDIBLE faux agate slices out of candy!

These faux agate slices look amazing and (most of them) taste great! 151 more words


Will It Cotton Candy??

I was recently at one of the local thrift shops and wandered through the housewares department.  A thrift shop is a little like an appliance graveyard for trendy appliances of years gone by.  169 more words


Quote of the Day

“Miss, thank you for the those jolly ranchers. They soothed my soul.”


The Top 5 Foods That Are Not Worth the Effort

The Top 5 Foods that are Not Worth the Trouble

Everybody today wants to label the food we eat. By that, I don’t mean labeling in a nutritional sense but rather how it fits into this or that particular diet. 2,188 more words

Top 5 List

Someone Should Create A Candy Exchange

I posted some time back about how I hated those peanut butter kiss taffy things.

When I was a kid, my friends and I despised anyone cheap enough to hand them out for Halloween. 228 more words


Its really kind of sad that after 39 short years I’ve watched my favorite holiday be gutted, then sanitized, commercialized and be spit back out as retail’s gateway to Christmas – but in a dollar store kind of way. 380 more words

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