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In her old age, Gogo is still very smart. Her memory is still sharp and specifically, I admire her spectacular attention to details.

She points out that most of our Kenyan politicians today were either unborn or very young when Kenya attained its independence, and although we have read history books that attempt to describe the struggle for independence, we seem not to understand the price that was paid for our freedom. 482 more words

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Gīkūyū Education - men

When the Westerner, Mūthūngū, came in contact with the Gīkūyū nation, he found in the words of one Missionary, “a savage tribe whose peoples mind’s were clouded with paganism and ignorance”. 1,396 more words

Kikuyu Culture

Disowned the blog

When I meet up with guys, first line they hit me with: So you guy you’re a blogger these days? It’s almost annoying, especially if its in front of people (in high school, we called that forumizing things). 1,424 more words


power & hunger.


rao is power hungry.

i say, rao is hungry.


hunger is power.

why can’t he quit? he’s too old. why can’y he anoint someone a successor, he’s good at that – x tosha! 370 more words

The Writer

You have never stepped on shit on bare foot, talk of real fresh warm shit, not shit that has already dried and decomposed into what agriculturalists call manure. 1,639 more words