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Choosing the Lesser Evil: Maze of political Choices

By Rev. Canon Francis Omondi

The tone of the 2017 Kenyan election campaign is confusing. Consequently many are trapped in a maze of political choices. They hope to see an enlargement of our freedoms and an enhancement of the quality of democracy. 1,540 more words

By the Numbers: A Look at the 2017 Presidential Election in Kenya

Kenya will hold a General Election on August 8th of this year. The national-level elections will include races for president, members of the National Assembly, and the Senate. 1,130 more words


Det förvånar mig att det bara blev 4050 steg eller 2,2 kilometer

Det var ju ändå två långvandriga flygplatser. Fast det var 3 flygplatser. Men det gicks inte mycket på Jomo Kenyatta International Airport i natt.

Men det hela började med väckelse kl 01.00 i natt. 199 more words

Jomo Kenyatta



Jomo Kenyatta was born in 1894, in what was previously known as British East Africa. What we know today as Kenya was previously known as British East Africa. 540 more words


The open secret: Jomo Kenyatta and birth of ethnic activism in support of systemic corruption in Kenya

A nation that was brought forth as a Republic in 1964 stands in the pits of high debts both internally and internationally. That country is now in the perils, where the masses have been duped that grand development is in the making only for scandals to encumber the so called grand projects. 928 more words


In her old age, Gogo is still very smart. Her memory is still sharp and specifically, I admire her spectacular attention to details.

She points out that most of our Kenyan politicians today were either unborn or very young when Kenya attained its independence, and although we have read history books that attempt to describe the struggle for independence, we seem not to understand the price that was paid for our freedom. 482 more words

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