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ARCHITECTURE: The Forgotten Masterpieces of African Modernism

A field of triangular roofs pokes up above the horizon on the outskirts of Dakar, like a forest of wigwams that have been baked to stone under the scorching sub-Saharan sun. 1,105 more words

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Rating Kenya's Presidents

Jomo Kenyatta’s regime was corrupt, illiberal and competent. Moi’s was corrupt, illiberal and mediocre. Kibaki’s was corrupt, liberal and competent. So, Moi scores zero out of three.

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Islam and African Culture.

You know it’s really appalling how people, especially parents react after learning that their son or daughter has converted to Islam. They castigate them, hate them, marginalize them and some go to the extent of cutting off family ties with them. 437 more words



Kisumu for the last couple of years has been doing well development wise. With the expansion of Kisumu international airport, the glory of Kisumu has continued to shine and now is a town which enjoys a city status. 545 more words


Lessons and Reasons for Kenya's governance missteps

The Kenya state is under the greatest threat of becoming undone because of lack of resolute leadership since independence of replacing the colonial legacy of corruption and tribalism with national values that benefit all. 885 more words

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