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power & hunger.


rao is power hungry.

i say, rao is hungry.


hunger is power.

why can’t he quit? he’s too old. why can’y he anoint someone a successor, he’s good at that – x tosha! 370 more words

The Writer

You have never stepped on shit on bare foot, talk of real fresh warm shit, not shit that has already dried and decomposed into what agriculturalists call manure. 1,639 more words


Happy African Union Day

Happy African Union Day. How do you plan on spending the day? While most people earn a well deserved holiday, how about  we reflect on these quotes by some of our former and most prominent  African leaders: Kwame Nkrumah (Ghana), Nelson Mandela (South Africa) and Jomo Kenyatta (Kenya) 78 more words

Uhuru burnt Ivory worth $105 million but who pioneered the trade in Kenya?

On Saturday, April 30 2016, Uhuru Kenyatta burnt elephant ivory and rhino horns worth $105 million. However, who exactly started the ivory trade? Exerpts of the article below… 546 more words

News & Analysis

Opinion Murithi Mutiga: How His Highness the Aga Khan persuaded Mzee Jomo Kenyatta to maintain media independence in Kenya

By Murithi Mutiga for The Nation (Nairobi) – 15 November 2015

The Nation has the highest circulation of any newspaper on the continent outside South Africa partly because of Kenya’s unique history when it comes to the private media. 308 more words

Aga Khan IV

Kenya's Founding President Kenyatta Visiting 2-Day-Old Uhuru Kenyatta At Aga Khan Hospital

Kenya’s Late founding father, and 1st President Mzee Jomo Kenyatta at Aga Khan Hospital when Kenya’s current president and his son Uhuru Kenyatta was 2 days old. 16 more words

Aga Khan University

My First President

I’m passionate about my origins. I’m passionate about been Kenyan born. Generally am a proud Kenyan. As i was perusing through various social sites, it crossed my mind that i know just a little about Kenya’s First President which is, “Mzee (meaning elder) Jomo Kenyatta was Kenya’s first Prime Minster then its President.” I decided to dig in and research and amazingly, i got quite informed on his family and even his real name! 686 more words

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