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Get The Goodies Before They're Gone!

The end of May is fast approaching, which means two things.

Firstly, BristolCon Memberships go up to £25 each from June 1st, so if you want to get in to see… 320 more words


How to review a book

In several other blogs (with particular thanks to Jonathan Gunson here, and sites I’ve seen variants of the following guide a book reviewer could use.   542 more words


Jon Courtenay Grimwood's The Exiled Blade: a confession of unprofessional shirking

I was supposed to review this book. I wanted to review this book. (I really enjoyed the previous volume in the series.) JCG’s Orbit US publicist, a very personable person, sent me a review copy of… 242 more words


Books in brief: Jon Courtenay Grimwood, The Outcast Blade; Weston Ochse, Seal Team 666

Weston Ochse, Seal Team 666. Titan Books, 2013. Copy courtesy of Titan Books.

This book’s prologue begins with a thinly-disguised fantasy fictionalisation of Seal Team 6’s assassination of Osama bin Laden, in which the unnamed bin Laden figure is portrayed as sincerely and knowingly in league with demonic forces. 400 more words


Wanting her boring life back

Today´s Quotation is from The Assassini: The Fallen Blade by Jon Courtenay Grimwood.

Lady Giuletta had wanted excitement her entire life. She’d wanted it through Fra Diomedes’s lesson.

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Jon Courtenay Grimwood

How do you explain things that can´t be explained?

Today´s Quotation is from Felaheen: The Third Arabesk by Jon Courtenay Grimwood.

‘Do you believe in magic? Raf asked.

Murad nodded, fiercely.

‘ You shouldn’t, ‘ Raf told him, ‘it doesn’t exist.

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Jon Courtenay Grimwood

Seeing somebody else

Today´s Quotation is from Effendi: The Second Arabesk by Jon Courtenay Grimwood.

He saw the person he expected to see, people mostly did; until the day they looked in the mirror and saw somebody else.

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Jon Courtenay Grimwood