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Nightfall Berlin: the Cold War continues…

This is entirely a great read, and like all great reads, it works on several levels. You can read it simply as the continuing adventures of Major Tom Fox, Brit spook person,  carrying out a certainly secret and possibly dubious mission in East Germany. 474 more words

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Witness Statement: author Jack Grimwood

Spy stories set against a backdrop of bitter division between East and West could hardly be more timely – and Jack Grimwood’s new Cold War thriller takes us back to the epicentre of post-war European espionage. 1,608 more words


End of the World Blues (2006) by Jon Courtenay Grimwood

End of the World Blues opens in a Tokyo subway station where a young woman, Nijie, is stashing a suitcase full of money into a coin-locker. 720 more words

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