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Here's Why Joe Lieberman, Jon Huntsman Have Labeled Donald Trump A Bipartisan 'Problem-Solver'

No Labels, the non-partisan advocacy group spearheaded by former presidential hopefuls Sen. Joe Lieberman and Gov. Jon Huntsman, have announced a roster of six presidential candidates who have agreed to its “Problem Solver Promise.” The group includes one Democrat, distant-third placer Martin O’Malley, and five Republicans — Ben Carson, Chris Christie, John Kasich, Rand Paul, and, perhaps most surprising of all, Donald Trump. 521 more words


Jon Huntsman Sr. Returns to Private Equity with Rocket Fuel Deal

Huntsman Family Investments has gotten into the rocket fuel business, by agreeing to acquire the specialty chemicals division of American Pacific Corp. from private equity firm H.I.G. 247 more words


John Kasich Can't Win

Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) can’t win the GOP primary. He’s just too damn reasonable.

Kasich’s failing presidential bid epitomizes the plight of the moderate Republican. With the bitter partisan divide in Washington, bipartisanship has become a dirty word. 562 more words


What's with the Tea Party?

David Brooks has one of the best columns he’s ever written in today’s New York Times, chastising the Republican extremists for destroying the party, debasing conservatism, and ignoring the principles that democracy is founded on.   500 more words


"Chaffetzed!": A "Grandstanding Charlatan" Who Seems To Have A Tiny Problem With The Truth

It’s not a real good sign when your name is turned into a synonym for political backstabbling. That seems to have happened beyond retrieval to Rep. 409 more words

Mitt Romney

This is an update of a previous blog. As a registered moderate republican, I have committed to NOT vote republican until one of their candidates  demonstrates the courage to stand up to the far right, tea party conservatives when they spout their racist rhetoric such as our President is a Muslim and not a U.S. 829 more words